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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Julian Assange with PressTV interview on US war leaks


Julian Assange is a 37-year-old Australian internet activist and journalist best known for his involvement with Wikileaks, a whistleblower website...
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By Mark Anderson Arizona’s highly popular S.B. 1070 law, which makes being an illegal alien in Arizona a state crime, has been partially stopped by...
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Nostradamus effect... the third Antichrist


Examines prophecies from Nostradamus that reportedly predict three evil dictators that are referred to as anti-christs. The first believed to be...
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Tehran Bureau: The Drumbeats of War Are Getting Louder


Dire signs in the ramping up of rhetoric and preparations. Back in '02, Andrew Card, Bush's chief of staff, was asked why the administration hadn't begun a propaganda campaign to prepare...

Survival Medicine Download


For my money the best book on survival medicine written for those with little or no medical training is Where There Is No Doctor which I suggest everyone add to their bookshelves. But while I was playing around on my new Scribd account (I have an older one too that I forgot about) I found this e-book which covers everything from where to get medical training producing your own anesthetics to delivering a baby. A good reference to download and print out:

Survival Medicine

Philistine Temple Ruins Uncovered in Goliath’s Hometown

Bar Ilan University archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a Philistine temple in the ancient city of Gath, home of the Biblical Goliath, buried in one of the largest tels (ancient ruin mounds) in Israel.

The temple and a number of ritual items dating back to the 10th century BCE were discovered at Tel Tsafit (Tell es-Safit/Gath) by Professor Aren Maeir of BIU's Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology and his international team. The tel is located about halfway between Ashkelon and Jerusalem, near Kiryat Gat along the southern coastal plain.
?Interestingly, the architectural design of this temple, with its two central pillars, is reminiscent of the architectural image that is described in the well-known Biblical story of Samson and the Philistines,? Maeir said. He added that the discovery could indicate that the story of Samson reflects a type of temple that was in use in Philistia at the time.

He also said that his team had found impressive evidence of an earthquake in the 8th century BCE, reminiscent of the earthquake mentioned in the Book of Amos 1:1. The team uncovered walls that were moved from their place and collapsed like a deck of cards as a result of the powerful earthquake ? assessed at a magnitude of 8 on the Richter scale.
In addition, Maeir said, the summer's excavations have uncovered further evidence of the destruction of the city by Hazael, King of Aram Damascus, around 830 BCE, as mentioned in Kings II 12:18, as well as evidence of the first Philistine settlement in Canaan (around 1200 BCE).

Maeir has directed the excavations for the past 13 years. Participants in the dig this summer came from as far away as Australia, the U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Poland and the UK. There were also locals in the group, from Israel.
Volunteers are welcome to join the project ? which is expected to run for more than another decade at least ? for a minimum stay of two weeks. Participants are expected to take part in the various excavation-related activities as well as in the field trips and lectures that are given during the dig. In addition, it is also possible to register for an accredited field school program in archaeological science that is run during the excavation through Bar Ilan University.
During the excavation, the team stays in air conditioned rooms at nearby Kibbutz Revadim. For more information, click here.
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Putin’s War on Israel

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Now that another Middle East war seems imminent, concerns are growing about the new powerful weapons that are available to Palestinian terrorists. It appears to be virtually unknown that these weapons are being steadily supplied by Putins Russia. In the present atmosphere of the everlasting reset of relations between the U.S. and Russia, it is not difficult for the Kremlin to camouflage its arming of terrorists. Indeed, the world is willing to turn a blind eye.
This month, for instance, Russia announced it was making another gift to the Palestinian security forces on the West Bank: 50 armored vehicles. According to Russias Foreign Ministry earlier this month, the gift was already in Jordan and about to be passed on to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). It was President Medvedev who made this decision which, the Kremlin says, will help the development of a Palestinian statehood.
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Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time  and says it uses that information to predict the future.
The company is called Recorded Future, and it scours tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents  both present and still-to-come. In a white paper, the company says its temporal analytics engine goes beyond search by looking at the invisible links between documents that talk about the same, or related, entities and events.
The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down. Recorded Future then plots that chatter, showing online momentum for any given event.
The cool thing is, you can actually predict the curve, in many cases, says company CEO Christopher Ahlberg, a former Swedish Army Ranger with a PhD in computer science.
Which naturally makes the 16-person Cambridge, Massachusetts, firm attractive to Google Ventures, the search giants investment division, and to In-Q-Tel, which handles similar duties for the CIA and the wider intelligence community.
Its not the very first time Google has done business with Americas spy agencies. Long before it reportedly enlisted the help of the National Security Agency to secure its networks, Google sold equipment to the secret signals-intelligence group. In-Q-Tel backed the mapping firm Keyhole, which was bought by Google in 2004  and then became the backbone for Google Earth.
This appears to be the first time, however, that the intelligence community and Google have funded the same startup, at the same time. No one is accusing Google of directly collaborating with the CIA. But the investments are bound to be fodder for critics of Google, who already see the search giant as overly cozy with the U.S. government, and worry that the company is starting to forget its dont be evil mantra.

Americas spy services have become increasingly interested in mining open source intelligence information thats publicly available, but often hidden in the daily avalanche of TV shows, newspaper articles, blog posts, online videos and radio reports.
Secret information isnt always the brass ring in our profession, then CIA-director General Michael Hayden told a conference in 2008. In fact, theres a real satisfaction in solving a problem or answering a tough question with information that someone was dumb enough to leave out in the open.
U.S. spy agencies, through In-Q-Tel, have invested in a number of firms to help them better find that information. Visible Technologies crawls over half a million web 2.0 sites a day, scraping more than a million posts and conversations taking place on blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon. Attensity applies the rules of grammar to the so-called unstructured text of the web to make it more easily digestible by government databases. Keyhole (now Google Earth) is a staple of the targeting cells in military-intelligence units.
Recorded Future strips from web pages the people, places and activities they mention. The company examines when and where these events happened (spatial and temporal analysis) and the tone of the document (sentiment analysis). Then it applies some artificial-intelligence algorithms to tease out connections between the players. Recorded Future maintains an index with more than 100 million events, hosted on servers. The analysis, however, is on the living web.
Were right there as it happens, Ahlberg told Danger Room as he clicked through a demonstration. We can assemble actual real-time dossiers on people.
Recorded Future certainly has the potential to spot events and trends early. Take the case of Hezbollahs long-range missiles. On March 21, Israeli President Shimon Peres leveled the allegation that the terror group had Scud-like weapons. Scouring Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallahs past statements, Recorded Future found corroborating evidence from a month prior that appeared to back up Peres accusations.
Thats one of several hypothetical cases Recorded Future runs in its blog devoted to intelligence analysis. But its safe to assume that the company already has at least one spy agencys attention. In-Q-Tel doesn�t make investments in firms without an end customer ready to test out that companys products.
Both Google Ventures and In-Q-Tel made their investments in 2009, shortly after the company was founded. The exact amounts werent disclosed, but were under $10 million each.Googles investment came to light earlier this year online. In-Q-Tel, which often announces its new holdings in press releases, quietly uploaded a brief mention of its investment a few weeks ago.
Both In-Q-Tel and Google Ventures have seats on Recorded Futures board. Ahlberg says those board members have been very helpful, providing business and technology advice, as well as introducing him to potential customers. Both organizations, its safe to say, will profit handsomely if Recorded Future is ever sold or taken public. Ahlbergs last company, the corporate intelligence firm Spotfire, was acquired in 2007 for $195 million in cash.
Google Ventures did not return requests to comment for this article. In-Q-Tel Chief of Staff Lisbeth Poulos e-mailed a one-line statement: We are pleased that Recorded Future is now part of IQTs portfolio of innovative startup companies who support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community.
Just because Google and In-Q-Tel have both invested in Recorded Future doesnt mean Google is suddenly in bed with the government. Of course, to Googles critics  including conservative legal groups, and Republican congressmen  the Obama Administration and the Mountain View, California, company slipped between the sheets a long time ago.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt hosted a town hall at company headquarters in the early days of Obamas presidential campaign. Senior White House officials like economic chief Larry Summers give speeches at the New America Foundation, the left-of-center think tank chaired by Schmidt. Former Google public policy chief Andrew McLaughlin is now the White Houses deputy CTO, and was publicly (if mildly) reprimanded by the administration for continuing to hash out issues with his former colleagues.
In some corners, the scrutiny of the companys political ties have dovetailed with concerns about how Google collects and uses its enormous storehouse of search data, e-mail, maps and online documents. Google, as we all know, keeps a titanic amount of information about every aspect of our online lives. Customers largely have trusted the company so far, because of the quality of their products, and because of Googles pledges not to misuse the information still ring true to many.
But unease has been growing. Thirty seven state Attorneys General are demanding answers from the company after Google hoovered up 600 gigabytes of data from open Wi-Fi networks as it snapped pictures for its Street View project. (The company swears the incident was an accident.)
Assurances from the likes of Google that the company can be trusted to respect consumers privacy because its corporate motto is dont be evil have been shown by recent events such as the Wi-Spy debacle to be unwarranted, long-time corporate gadfly John M. Simpson told a Congressional hearing in a prepared statement. Any business dealings with the CIAs investment arm are unlikely to make critics like him more comfortable.
But Steven Aftergood, a critical observer of the intelligence community from his perch at the Federation of American Scientists, isnt worried about the Recorded Future deal. Yet.
To me, whether this is troublesome or not depends on the degree of transparency involved. If everything is aboveboard  from contracts to deliverables  I dont see a problem with it, he told Danger Room by e-mail. But if there are blank spots in the record, then they will be filled with public skepticism or worse, both here and abroad, and not without reason.
Photo: AP/Charles Dharapak
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Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality

A federal judge has ruled in favor of a public university that removed a Christian student from its graduate program in school counseling over her belief that homosexuality is morally wrong. Mondays ruling, according to Julea Wards attorneys, could result in Christian students across the country being expelled from public university for similar views.
U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh dismissed Wards lawsuit against Eastern Michigan University. She was removed from the schools counseling program last year because she refused to counsel homosexual clients.
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Friday, 30 July 2010

Christian von Lahr - Atlantis and 2012 - 28 July 2010

07-28-10 Christian von Lahr with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM :
Psychic medium Dr. Christian von Lahr discussed the history of Atlantis and how it ties in with 2012 prophecies, and coming climate and Earth changes. He posited that the lost continent of Atlantis was actually Pangea, the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago, and that was how the Atlantean culture easily spread because the land mass was interconnected. We don't see the direct remains of Atlantis because its main sections were sunk under land masses, through the splitting of the tectonic plates, he explained. Parts of Atlantis are located under the Andes Mountains in South America, and the Himalayas in Tibet, he continued.
2012 is a highly important juncture, marking the "midpoint" of human existence, and according to ancient texts "when we reach this point it means that all the major lessons that were necessary for man to serve his purpose will have been learned," said von Lahr, who noted this would be a time for spiritual progression. The Atlanteans reached such a midpoint, shifting from androgynous type-beings to male and female, so that they could further evolve, he detailed.
Physical Earth changes will increasingly occur as we approach 2012, von Lahr declared-- he reiterated his earlier prediction (from the 1/1/10 show) that in August 2010, a volcanic eruption will trigger other volcanoes to erupt in the Ring of Fire region of the Pacific Ocean. "Major cosmic activity on the sun will affect us," gamma waves coming from the center of galaxy will be hitting us around Dec. 21, 2012, and we could also see changes in the Earth's magnetic core, he warned. One defensive strategy to lessen the effect of the gamma rays would be to put gold in the atmosphere, he proposed.
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Exclusive Interview with Iranian President Ahamadinejad July 29, 2010

Exclusive interview given by President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Press TV.
The interview was hosted by Press TV's Amir Arfa and Marzieh Hashemi,
Recorded on July 29, 2010

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the United States and Israel plan to attack two countries in the Middle East as part of a conspiracy to apply pressure on Iran.
"We have precise information that the Americans have devised a plot, according to which they seek to launch a psychological war on Iran," Ahmadinejad stated in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Monday.
"They plan to attack at least two countries in the region within the next three months," he added.
He said the US seeks to achieve two main objectives with the scheme.
"First of all, they want to hamper Iran's progress and development since they are opposed to our growth, and secondly they want to save the Zionist regime because it has reached a dead-end and the Zionists believe they can be saved through a military confrontation," Ahmadinejad explained.
He also advised US President Barack Obama not to follow the policies of George W. Bush.
In addition, he warned Russian officials to avoid playing into the hands of Washington because that would go against their national interests.
Ahmadinejad: US Expansion Of War In Middle East Imminent
Commenting on the nuclear issue, Ahmadinejad said Iran will resume nuclear talks with the West in September, adding that Iran wants Turkey and Brazil to participate in the negotiation
All-Star panel weighs in on latest in efforts against nuke program
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Ahmadinejad : US and Israel plan to attack two countries in the Middle East

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the United States and Israel plan to attack two countries in the Middle East as part of a conspiracy to apply pressure on Iran.
"We have precise information that the Americans have devised a plot, according to which they seek to launch a psychological war on Iran," Ahmadinejad stated in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Monday.
"They plan to attack at least two countries in the region within the next three months," he added.
He said the US seeks to achieve two main objectives with the scheme.
"First of all, they want to hamper Iran's progress and development since they are opposed to our growth, and secondly they want to save the Zionist regime because it has reached a dead-end and the Zionists believe they can be saved through a military confrontation," Ahmadinejad explained.
He also advised US President Barack Obama not to follow the policies of George W. Bush.
In addition, he warned Russian officials to avoid playing into the hands of Washington because that would go against their national interests.
Ahmadinejad: US Expansion Of War In Middle East Imminent
Commenting on the nuclear issue, Ahmadinejad said Iran will resume nuclear talks with the West in September, adding that Iran wants Turkey and Brazil to participate in the negotiation
All-Star panel weighs in on latest in efforts against nuke program
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Wikileaks Docs Reference Bin Laden

Julian Assange with Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch responds to the accusations that the leaked documents may endanger the lives of the American soldiers on the ground...Confidential military files reveal no concrete intel on Usama bin Laden's location since early 2000s

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cracking the Pyramid Mystery Christopher Knight, Tommy James Coast to Coast AM 07-24-10

Date: 07-24-10
Host: Ian Punnett
Guests: Christopher Knight, Tommy James
Author Christopher Knight talked about how the advanced, ancient knowledge used to build the henges in Britain was also utilized in the construction of the Giza pyramids, and even in the design of Washington, DC.
In the first hour, rock legend Tommy James (of Tommy James & The Shondells) shared the story of how he climbed to the top of the 1960s music charts working for a mob-connected record label.

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US Economic picture gets more cloudy

ReutersVideo--July 28, 2010--There are new signs confirming the U.S. recovery is slowing, which could have political implications for upcoming mid-term elections.
Copyright Reuters 2010

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Ian Lungold - Earth Changes Interview 08-03-04

Ian Xel Lungold uses the Mayan Calendar to explain the current phase of consciousness evolution by examining the dichotomy of power and ethics.

Ian Lungold passed away on 2005 In one of Ian's last messages
17th Oct. '05 8/Flint

To all my fellow passengers on planet earth, THANK YOU�I'm laying here thinking about whether I'm going to continue my life. I feel very relaxed, calm and as though I've accomplished a lot for a life time. I am feeling very sleepy I don't know if I fall asleep if I will wake up again� so I want to get this said�

Actually, I don't have a whole lot more to say other than, THANK YOU� and to let you know that if I do pass I'll be joining with the legions of Light ~ Workers, who are to assist everyone else through these changes from the "Otherside." Being as I've not been on the "Otherside" this time around, we will have to see how this works out. I will be attempting to stay in contact with Madaline, so that she can keep you up to date.

Whether this is the end of my life or not I have a request that each of you pick up what information I have brought concerning the Mayan calendar and with renewed vigor pass this information to as many people as possible.

It is my personal belief that we each have a sacred duty to find what works in the world in what ever arena we are familiar and then pass that information as straight as we can for the benefit of others. This is basically what I have done with Dr. Carl J. Calleman's work and if I'm granted the time what I will continue to do for as long as I can from here too.

Ian Xel Lungold

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Gerald Celente the leaders are paid off with bribes and pay offs

Gerald Celente as goes Kandahar so goes Afghanistan and Kandahar goes no where , The Afghan war will devolve into a disaster we are gonna lose the war in Afghanistan......trends master Gerald Celente is back with Tony about his predictions for the future which can be listed as follows :
- The Afghan war devolves into a disaster .
- There is no economic recovery .
- Terrorism threats and crime will increase.
- Tea parties would gain strong momentum.
- Obama�s popularity will decrease.
- Anti-Immigration sentiments worldwide would intensify.

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Biblical Mystery of Dead Sea Scrolls Solved?



Biblical Mystery of Dead Sea Scrolls Solved?

By Ker Than

Published July 28, 2010

| National Geographic

The recent decoding of a cryptic cup, the excavation of ancient tunnels in Jerusalem, and other archaeological detective work may help solve one of the great biblical mysteries: Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The new clues hint that the scrolls, which include some of the oldest known biblical documents, may have been the textual treasures of several groups, hidden away during wartime -- and may even be "the great treasure from the Jerusalem Temple," which held the Ark of the Covenant, according to the Bible.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered more than 60 years ago in seaside caves near an ancient settlement called Qumran. The conventional wisdom is that a breakaway Jewish sect called the Essenes -- thought to have occupied Qumran during the first centuries B.C. and A.D. -- wrote all the parchment and papyrus scrolls.

But new research suggests many of the Dead Sea Scrolls originated elsewhere and were written by multiple Jewish groups, some fleeing the circa-A.D. 70 Roman siege that destroyed the legendary Temple in Jerusalem.

"Jews wrote the Scrolls, but it may not have been just one specific group. It could have been groups of different Jews," said Robert Cargill, an archaeologist who appears in the documentary Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls, which aired Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel. (The National Geographic Channel is part-owned by the National Geographic Society, which owns National Geographic News.)

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Record snows not a climate-change symptom

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NEW YORK, July 27 (UPI) -- Extraordinary but predictable weather patterns, not climate change, brought record snows to eastern U.S. cities this past winter, scientists say.
The extraordinarily cold, snowy weather that hit parts of the U.S. East Coast and Europe was the result of a collision of two periodic weather patterns in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, a study in the journal Geophysical Research Letters says.
Researchers at Columbia University say the anomalous winter was caused by two simultaneous weather events.
El Nino, the cyclic warming of the tropical Pacific, brought wet weather to the southeastern U.S. just as a strong pressure cycle called the North Atlantic Oscillation pushed frigid air from the arctic down the East Coast and across northwest Europe.
The end result, researchers say, was the snowiest winter on record for Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, bringing 6 feet of snow to the cities.
"Snowy winters will happen regardless of climate change," Columbia climate scientists Richard Seager says.
El Nino can be predicted months in advance by observing evolving conditions in the Pacific Ocean, but the North Atlantic Oscillation -- the difference in air pressure between the Icelandic and Azores regions -- is an atmospheric phenomenon, very chaotic and difficult to anticipate, study co-author Yochanan Kushnir says.

WikiLeaks Preparing to Release Video of Alleged U.S. Massacre in Afghanistan

As the founder of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks remains underground in fear that the U.S. will detain him, the site is preparing to release a leaked video of a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan that is said to be more shocking than the Iraqi video that sent its controversial leader into hiding.

Julian Assange, who has been garnering more attention since it was announced that Pentagon investigators are looking for him, told his supporters in an email this week that he has a classified video of a U.S. attack on Afghan civilians.

In an interview airing today on "Brian Ross Investigates," a weekly investigative news magazine show airing on ABC News Now and, a member of the Icelandic Parliament who has worked closely with Assange said the Afghan video is expected to be released shortly.

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The Asset That Backs Our National Debt is YOU

The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You! It is not dollars, treasuries, bonds and debt that is being sold by your government.

It is you.
Really blunt and effective video explaining federal deficit spending
Text and references: Freedomain Radio -

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The death of the middle class and Why You Are Unemployed

The real reason you do not have a job. Don't take it personally.83 percent of all U.S. stocks are in the hands of 1 percent of the people.
The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer at a staggering rate. Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world, but now that is changing at a staggering speed.
There are now about 6 unemployed Americans for every new job opening in the US.
The death of the middle class, and the real purpose of government education

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The Collapse of Empire America

This shows something very serious that's been happening in America. George W. Bush signed an unconstitutional agreement with Paul Martin (Canadian Prime Minister) and Vincent Fox (Mexican President) that would merge the United States, Mexico & Canada into a single entity called the North American Union. A highway called NAFTA is currently being built as part of this plan. This video exposes the information. The Counsel on Foreign Relations is also exposed.

The video also shows how Barack Obama and John McCain support this conspiracy. The video shows how Dr. Ron Paul is against it.

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Ahmadinejad says expects U.S. to attack MidEast soon

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran expects the United States to launch a military strike on "at least two countries" in the Middle East in the next three months, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told state-run Press TV.

In an interview recorded on Monday, Ahmadinejad did not specify whether he thought Iran itself would be attacked nor did he say what intelligence led him to expect such a move.

The United States and Israel have refused to rule out military action against Iran's nuclear program which they fear could lead to it making a bomb, something Iran denies.

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Obama Warns Abbas: ‘Start Talks or Else’

A secret 36-page memo based on Obama administration statements indicates that the president warned Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to start direct talks with Israel or risk losing American support for the recognition of the PA as a country.

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In the News: The Man Behind WikiLeaks

VIEW: Video of Julian Paul Assange participating in an April panel on "New Models for Investigative Reporting."

What a difference a few months can make. At the event, Assange stood up and asked, "Are there any people in the room who have any idea what WikiLeaks is?" He goes on to lay out the organization he built from the ground up and modeled on multinationals -- its assets are spread all over the world in order to make it "un-sueable, in practice."

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

World at brink of nuclear war!

A decades-old conflict has once again been brought to the surface as America continues its joint military operation with South Korea despite warnings from the North that it would launch a sacred war if such operations are carried out. 20 ships including an American aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, took part in a naval operation showing their capacity to deter any naval threats from North Korea.
Washington says that South Korea is a good ally of the country and they want to show that America is behind South Korea's sovereignty as a nation and that they will help the country defend itself.
Some 8,000 personnel from both countries are going to take part in the four day long joint naval exercises.
Washington has also approved new sanctions on North Korea which is going to bar it from importing luxury items. These new sanctions have enraged the North Korean government and as they warn of a sacred war the world is edging ever so close to a nuclear obliteration.
North Korea has openly admitted that in the case of a war breaking out it would readily launch its nuclear arsenal on America and alongside use chemical and biological weapons which it says it has a large stockpile of. The reason the government has given is that in the case of a conventional war, the country has no chances of winning, therefore, it will not even humor any foreign military by sending troops to the border but rather would launch a full scale nuclear war on America.

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Cashless Society? Not Soon, Futurists Say

The amount of cash in circulation is continuously increasing and the vision of a "cashless society" will not become a reality in the foreseeable future, according to Ovum.

Part of the Datamonitor group, this technology analyst firm says that in the coming years, cash will remain the primary method of retail payment by volume.

Distribution by ATMs

Today, most retail transactions are still being settled with cash, notes Ovum senior analyst Jaroslaw Knapik, who says this is happening despite the continuing predictions about the declining use of cash, and forms of payment that could take over.

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A Prelude to Global Governance?

 A Prelude to Global Governance?
Phil Boehmke

This morning our friends in Great Britain awoke to this frightening headline in the UK Daily Mail, "European police to spy on Britons: Now ministers hand over Big Brother powers to foreign officers." The European Union which has been so wildly successful in economic matters is implementing two new law enforcement policies which will further weaken the sacred and time honored protections of national sovereignty.

The new powers are known as the European Investigation Order (EIO), which is intended as a partner to the highly controversial European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

One of the major concerns about the EAW, to which Britain is signed up, is that it has been used to investigate the most minor misdemeanors, such as "theft of a dessert" in a Polish restaurant.

Now member states want to make it easier to gather evidence on another's soil. The proposal requires an ‘opt in', which means Britain could sit back and play no part in the new regime.


...the powers in the directive are available to prosecutors only. Britons under suspicion will not have any right to demand information from overseas police which could prove their innocence.

Thus far Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Spain have willingly surrendered the sovereign rights of their citizens by embracing the EU's new police powers.

The Tories had been fighting the draconian new powers stating that they demonstrate a "relish for surveillance and disdain for civil liberties," but now appear to have joined with their Lib Dem coalition partners in waving the white flag and surrendering the rights and protections enjoyed by their citizens to the EU.

Once implemented foreign police will have the authority to enter the UK and participate in the arrest of British citizens. In addition.

They will be able to place them under surveillance, bug telephone conversations, monitor band accounts and demand fingerprints, DNA or blood samples.

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Wayne Madsen : The Wikileaks its relation to Soros and Internet Censorship - Is it disinformation?

Alex Jones discuss with Wayne Madsen the recent release of 92,000 classified documents on the war in Afghanistan by the renegade website WikiLeaks. The documents show how Pakistan's military spy service has for years guided the Afghan insurgency.Wayne Madsen continues to assault Wikileaks claiming they are a CIA front, now assisted by disinformation fountain Alex Jones.

Wayne Madsen is an author and investigative journalist he has some twenty years experience in security issues. As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the NSA National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Wayne Madsen is now a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written for The Village Voice, The Progressive, Counterpunch, Online Journal, CorpWatch, Multinational Monitor, News Insider, In These Times, and The American Conservative. His columns have appeared in The Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Sacramento Bee, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among others. Madsen is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the National Press Club.

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Edgar Cayce The Other Nostradamus

Edgar Cayce, Clairvoyant (1877-1945) also known as "the sleeping prophet" was an American Psychic and a healer . Cayce would induce himself into an altered out-of-body state of consciousness and reveal profound information on various subjects . Cayce gave more than 14,000 readings during a period of 43 years while under a sleep-like trance. Many of his readings dealt with the health and personal lives of many people. His readings also included Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and the current age that we are presently living in
Edgar Cayce's Predictions of Armageddon and Pole Shifts : Edgar Cayce never mentioned 2012 in any of his predictions or readings…but he did talk of a New Age and a shift in Consciousness.
Cayce predicted the possibility of a third world war. He spoke of strifes arising "near the Davis Straits," and "in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf." When asked in June 1943 whether it would be feasible to work towards an international currency or a stabilization of international exchange levels when the war had ended, Cayce replied that it would be a long, long time before this would happen. Indeed, he said, "there may be another war over just such conditions."
"Watch New York, Connecticut and the like. Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the United States. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of all these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico." Cayce wrote .Cayce also described about a new age of peace and enlightenment when the spirituality within humans would manifest on earth. But before this divine consciousness could rule the world, Cayce saw events that can only be described as apocalyptic - a period of purification involving natural disasters that will dramatically alter the surface of the earth, wars, economic collapse, and socio-political unrest.Among Edgar Cayce's readings about the past are that the Sphinx had been built in 10,500 BC and that survivors of Atlantis had concealed beneath it a "Hall of Records" containing all the wisdom of their lost civilization and the true history of the human race. Cayce prophesied that this Hall of Records would be rediscovered and opened between 1996 and 1998. He connected the opening to the second coming of Christ.
From Reading #3976-15 (Given on January 19, 1934)

"As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the
sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the
upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be shifting then of the
poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And
these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As
to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the name - and who bear the mark of those of His calling
and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given."

Question: "What are the world changes to come this year (1934) physically?"
Cayce : "The earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America. There
will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland. There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and DRY land will
appear. There will be the falling away in India of much of the material suffering that has been brought on a troubled people. There will be the
reduction of one risen to power in central Europe to naught. The young king son will soon reign. In America in the political forces we see a
re-stabilization of the powers of the peoples in their own hands, a breaking up of the rings, the cliques in many places. South America shall be
shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off of Tierra Del Fuego LAND, and a strait with rushing waters."
Cayce believed that these horrible future events could be averted if humanity changed its behavior.

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New Financial Regulations - Catherine Austin Fitts on Coast to coast am 07.21.2010

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts shared her critical reaction to the new financial regulations just signed into law. "We have a couple thousand pages of legislation from the federal government" that still doesn't account for the $4 trillion missing from federal accounts. And the new regulations will essentially increase the amount of centralization, and give vast new powers to the Federal Reserve, she cautioned.

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According to this man : Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist but he IS predicted in Daniel and prefigured in Jeremiah ?

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The Economic Collapse

With the exponential growth of debt and derivatives, a sovereign debt default could trigger economic shock waves that would make the previous 2008-09 economic collapse look like the pre-shocks of a much larger earthquake. This video presents one possible scenario on how a dollar collapse would affect one family.

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The Third Anti-Christ - Nostradamus Effect

Nostradamus Effect: Satan's Army (History Channel)

Examines prophecies from Nostradamus that reportedly predict three evil dictators that are referred to as anti-christs. The first believed to be Napoleon, the second Hitler, and the third is unknown.These are the last days, and with it, a man will rise and death and hell will follow. This video gives us a glimpse of the horror that must come. Are you ready to meet the Lord? If not, your time is running out! Do you realize that the Antichrist is here right now? Do you realize the enormous impact this will soon have on your life and the entire Western world? No, this is not just a religious matter. It goes far beyond that as you will come to understand. Do you grasp the fact that this monstrous Antichrist will help destroy the American and British descended peoples?

In Biblical prophecy there falls the shadow of a figure at once commanding and ominous. Under many different names like the aliases of a criminal, his character and movements are set before us. The Lion and Lamb Ministry has created this in-depth Bible study on this one who will be the full embodiment of human wickedness and the final manifestation of satanic blasphemy.
"Nearly all commentators find Antichrist mentioned in the Apocalypse, but they do not agree as to the particular chapter of the Book in which the mention occurs. Some point to the "beast" of 11:7, others to the "red dragon" of Chapter 12, others again to the beast "having seven heads and ten horns" of 13, sqq., while many scholars identify Antichrist with the beast which had "two horns, like a lamb" and spoke "as a dragon" (13:11, sqq.), or with the scarlet-coloured beast "having seven heads and ten horns" (17), or, finally, with Satan "loosed out of his prison," and seducing the nations (20:7, sqq.). A detailed discussion of the reasons for and against each of these opinions would be out of place here." extract from the Catholic Encyclopedia

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Peter Ward Gulf Oil catastrophe Global Warming Coast to Coast AM 23 july 2010

Filling in for George, Art Bell was joined by Professor Peter Ward for a 4-hour discussion on how the Gulf oil catastrophe ties in with climate change. Ward believes BP significantly underestimated the amount of oil that was released from their deep sea well, and worries about the environmental impact of not only the spill but the cleanup efforts also. Chemical dispersants, which have helped break apart the surface oil, are potentially destructive to the cell walls of microorganisms at the base of the marine food chain, he explained. The heavier part of the oil spreading across the sea floor will eventually break down into poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas, Ward continued. Massive quantities of methane, also a byproduct of the leaked oil, will ultimately end up in the atmosphere where it will contribute to increased temperatures across the planet, he added.

Ward said he considers the global warming debate settled -- greenhouse gases are making Earth hotter. Evidence in the geological record indicates that during epochs of high carbon dioxide levels (1000 ppm), temperatures were high enough to completely melt the continental ice sheets. As the planet's current average CO2 level approaches 400ppm, Ward theorized what would happen if all of the ice on Greenland melted. According to this disaster scenario, the sea levels would rise 24 feet and cause an unimaginable worldwide calamity. A sea level increase of only 3 feet, which Ward thinks could happen within 40 years, would be enough to destroy considerable portions of the planet's agricultural land, cause nations to seek arable land in other countries, and lead to wars and potentially nuclear exchanges, he noted.

Ward spent several weeks in Antarctica, where he discovered that, despite its name, the permafrost is melting. He described another, perhaps more frightening, climate disaster scenario involving the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. According to Ward, this ice sheet could break off within a decade and cause 20 feet of sea level rise -- enough to kill a billion people. Should some of his worst fears come to fruition, Ward expects Russia and Canada to emerge as the flooded world's new Wheat Belt. Ward also spoke about the Sun's inconsequential contribution to global warming, as well as possible solutions to the problem, including painting rooftops white, burying charcoal in the soil, putting iron in the Pacific to cause phytoplankton to bloom, and most importantly, reducing the population of the planet.

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The Culture of Consumption is Americas Destruction - Chris Hedges

From a culture of production to a culture of consumption. The American Empire is dying yet War is aforce that gives us meaning
Chris Hedges, author is currently a senior fellow at The Nation Institute and the Anschutz Distinguished Fellow at Princeton University. He writes for the publications: Foreign Affairs, Harpers, The New York Review of Books, Granta, and Mother Jones &

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North Korea threatens nuclear war against USA and South Korea

Strong words from North Korea. Threatening a nuclear attack is a warning you don't take lightly.
The US called on Pyongyang to avoid “provocative words” after the reclusive Communist regime threatened a 'powerful nuclear deterrent' as a response to US-South Korean naval exercises poised to take place this weekend.

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Generation Zero

The current economic crisis is not a failure of capitalism (trade without government intervention unless violence is engaged), but a failure of culture. explores the cultural roots of the global financial meltdown - beginning with the narcissism of the 1960's, spreading like a virus through the self-indulgent 90's, and exploding across the world in the present economic cataclysm.The Great Depression Generation's efforts to prevent their children from having to suffer the horrors of The Great Depression and World War II, overly nurtured and protected them, unwittingly instilling in them an outlook of selfishness and irresponsibility.

The Greatest Generation also put into place many institutional protections against the kind of financial recklessness that led to the Great Depression. After they all retired and died, the documentary alleges these protections and rules were gradually removed or ignored, and the financial crisis of 2008 happened as a result of the next generation's selfishness and irresponsibility.

It suggests the generation that grew up as the hippies of the 1960s eventually came to power and promoted their outlook upon the financial markets, taking reckless risks -- because having enjoyed prosperity all their lives, they believed there could be no downside to their decisions.

goes beneath the shallow media headlines and talking head sound bites to get to the source of today's economic nightmare. With a cutting edge style and haunting imagery, this must see documentary will change everything you thought you knew about Wall Street and Washington.

Featuring experts, authors, and pundits from across the political spectrum, exposes the little told story of how the mindset of the baby boomers sowed the seeds of economic disaster that will be reaped by coming generations.

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Stan Deyo - Anti-Gravity, Free Energy and the Technology of the New World Order

Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology". Stan trained in computer programming at IBM. Stan's main love is still advanced propulsion and "free" energy research which took him to Australia in '71 to work on these systems. Currently Stan is working on a Tesla-based energy system, several propulsion projects and is a public lecturer on world events, including: The coming global economic collapse / Developing solar-related crises in the Earth's climate / The "UFO Deception and its real intent / Suppression of badly needed technologies / The coming destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion / High voltage physics of cheaper energy / The New World Order from the perspective of a former FBI 'spy." Included in this discussion is the history of alternative energy breathroughs, Edward Teller's covert technological development program, the mathematical equations used in the advanced physics as well as in-depth information and slides demonstrating 'anti-gravity', the effort used in the 50s to try to get scientists to think outside the box, as well as the multinationalist's "N.W.O." agenda utilizing "U.F.O." technology and their reasons for doing so

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tehran Bureau: Photo Essay: Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar, 2008.

It's hot and the bazaar is packed. It's impossible to take a step without rubbing up against someone. As I make my way, gazing at the skylights, I lock eyes with those who won't look away. I'm carrying a camera. As far as they're concerned, I'm here to take photographs of them. Such strange stares.

I have to see all of the bazaar today. Every bit of it. From the carpet stalls to the rice sellers. From the Imam Mosque to the Tomb of Lotf Ali Khan Zand. I rejoice that the bazaar abides, that we can behold such relics from the age of the Safavids. Tehran's Grand Bazaar is the largest of its kind in the world. Sadly, it has fallen into disrepair. Its rare beauty is being allowed to slowly fade away.

*Some of the images have been cropped to fit our slide show format.

Photos and text by Khashayar ZandYavari
Copyright © 2010
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Elucidation - Exposing the New World Order by Rob Bedard.

A documentary film by Rob Bedard.
Discover the Truth about International Corporations and Organizations, Secret Societies and Governments. They are all interconnected and working together, with a single objective: a New World Order, of their own design, and for their own benefit, at the expense of humanity, national sovereignty, and rule "by the people, of the people and for the people".

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Inside Top Secret America - PBS FRONTLINE

Coming to FRONTLINE Fall 2010

FRONTLINE goes inside the Post's two-year examination into the massive, unwieldy, top-secret world the government has created in response to 9/11.
FRONTLINE goes inside The Washington Post's major two-year examination into the massive, unwieldy, top secret world the U.S. government has created in response to 9/11. Coming fall 2010 to PBS.

A major examination by Washington Post reporters Dana Priest and William Arkin is the subject of an upcoming FRONTLINE documentary produced by veteran producer Michael Kirk. The Post's two-year investigation looks at the top secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001—a world that has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that few know how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or how many agencies duplicate work being done elsewhere.

A hidden world, growing beyond control

The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.

These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.

The investigation's other findings include:

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Phase 3 of The NWO based on Sheikh Imran Hosein analysis of Biblical and Islamic prophecies

The three monotheistic religions have similar but also different if not contradictory interpretations of the last days Gog and Magog the battle of Armageddon the Anti Christ etc...I have presented in the past the jewish and christian interpretation of the last days this documentary presents mostly the Islamic interpretation , more documentaries will come from all three monotheistic point of views
Another groundbreaking and riveting series from the creators of The Arrivals and The Divine Book. Phase 3 aims to set a new standard in online films. This production will (inshallah) wake up the world, and unite the people from every country, religion, culture or creed against injustice. A film by the people, for the people.
Here is the original description of noreagaaa:

Imran Hosein is a "scholar of rare philosophical erudition, originality and creative vigor". In regards to the subject of the "antichrist/dajjal", the signs of the end times, and the analysis of our modern age, Imran hosein's writing and lectures rank amongst the most reputable and respectable works of our time. Whether you agree with his analysis or not, his works are worthy of our respect and attention.
visit for more infoPhase 3 is a WakeUpProject Film made up of 5 chapters.

Directed by: Noreaga & Achernahr

Video editing by:
Bushwack ,

Animation & Graphics:

Stoyan Ganev

Narration: Schimitar

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