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Saturday, 23 October 2010

WikiLeaks : Iraq documents allege U.S. War Crimes

CNN—Oct. 22, 2010--
WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange told CNN in an exclusive interview Friday that the roughly 400,000 Iraq war military documents released by his organization show "compelling evidence of war crimes" committed by U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi government forces.
They detail the deaths of more than 100,000 people, he said.

French industry 'losing at least £100 million a day'


Vatic Note: I have always said, the french know how to throw a revolution. Wonder if they have wheeled out the guillotines yet. lol But here is what is important. Do not kid yourselves, its always the money. If you do not cooperate in a real sense, they lose billions a week then they will stop it, becuase they do not want to lose that income nor THE ASSETS THAT PRODUCE THAT INCOME (this is a key consideration to keep in mind). So, keep that in mind when they try to start that garbage over here.
Given all the breaking news on satanism, pedophilia and other perversions that are coming out to the light of day, I am sure they do not want this to continue. You know how they want us to fear and hate some group that they want us to go to war with for their bulging pocketbooks??? Well, that is how we defeat their attempts at a third world war. Make sure they understand the only enemy proven that we will fight are the international bankers and Israel. Anyone who does not realize this next one will be a nuke war, has got to wake up from their slumber or die as a result of their denial. Help stop this through non cooperation, demonstrations and no violence since we don't want martial law.
French industry 'losing at least £100 million a day' , obtained from
By Henry Samuel in Paris , The Telegraph, British paper
Published: 9:00PM BST 20 Oct 2010
Teams of riot police carried out dawn raids to free France's oil depots on Wednesday as industry said the strikes against pension reforms were costing them at least £100 million per day.

Riot police officers move back from a burning truck during clashes with youths in Lyon Photo: AP
Under orders from Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, riot police in black body armour broke blockades around three depots in western France overnight, as fuel shortages left a third of France's filling stations without petrol.
"If it is not stopped quickly, this disorder which is aimed at paralysing the country could have consequences for jobs by damaging the normal running of economic activity," the President said in a statement yesterday.
Jean Pelin, director general of France's chemical industries association, said that the strike had already cost his sector an estimated billion euros in lost turnover, around 100 million euros (£88 million) for every extra strike day.
"This is a severe blow for an industry that was just recovering from the (economic) crisis," he told the Daily Telegraph. He said a little over half of the losses were due to a strike at Marseille's Fos-Lavera port, where dozens of petrol tankers are unable to offload.
The president of France's Assemblée of chambers of commerce and industry, Jean-François Bernardin, said that "tens of thousands" of businesses had been hit by the strike action, due to lack of fuel and transport disruption, while SNCF, the national rail operator said it was losing 20 million euros (£17.5 million) a day.
But workers in several key sectors showed no sign of ending a week-long strike against a plan to raise the legal retirement age from 60 to 62, which the government has said is essential to reduce France's public deficit.
All 12 of France's oil refineries are still blocked but police have cleared access to 21 oil depots since Friday and the government has insisted that petrol shortages will end within five days.
The senate was initially due to approve yesterday (Weds) but Socialist filibustering has now pushed back the final vote until tomorrow (Friday) at the earliest. But even if it goes through, six out of 10 French people support continued strike action, according to a poll published in Libération newspaper. Some 79 per cent want the government to reopen negotiations with the unions, it found.
Buoyed by massive public support, unions are considering calling a seventh mass strike protest day next Tuesday, despite the fact that half term school holidays starts on Saturday – a break the President hopes will help the movement fizzle out.
Pledging to stand firm, François Fillon, the prime minister said yesterday that "social confrontation" was part of French democracy but that in the end "national consensus" over the need for pension reform would prevail.
Meanwhile, protests by university and secondary school students were once again hijacked by "troublemakers" in some areas.
Central Lyons was the scene of what one police spokesman called "urban guerrilla warfare" for the third day. Masked rioters clashed with police, throwing projectiles and setting fire to a van.
There was tear gas and clashes in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, where rioters hijacked a secondary school pupil protest and burned a car.
Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, warned that "the right to protest is not the right to break things, the right to set things on fire, the right to assault, the right to pillage."
"We will use all means necessary to get these delinquents," he added, including bringing in the feared GIGN paramilitary police to take over from CRS riot police.
In the past week, almost 1,500 people had been detained for protest-related violence, with 123 facing legal action, and 62 police officers injured, he said.
Security forces were also called in to clear stinking rubbish that has been piling up in Marseilles for ten days due to striking dustmen.
Transport woes continued with a third of TGV express trains cancelled. A quarter of flights were cancelled at Paris's second biggest airport, Orly and strikers blocked access to roads leading to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, where flights were running almost normally.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Farewell to you all.


The last release.

Mr. Penrose and other physicists greatly concerned by the implications of these documents spent the last week doing an important, careful release of the CASTOR papers to the key mainstream media and science reporters and the Interior and Science Ministries of all the nations involved at CERN. This was not an easy task, as Mr. Penrose, the spokesman for this ‘Heavy-Ion Alert’ group, is the scion of a well-known family of British scientists, whose reputation would be put on line for this release, and so he has taken his time to talk this issue with his family and peers, trying to find a way out for CERN to not avail. But he has now presented the issue in a more academic manner and released the information to the press.

I must congratulate him; since I am conscious that the massive smear campaigns against me and the ‘pioneer’ people, who opposed this potential genocide has crippled our efforts and credibility. This, I have explained in this web: the prosecution has gone to the point of getting my scholar papers on the science of complexity and my pioneer models on the fractal Universe, applied to all sciences erased from Google scholar (till my work in the late 90s, except for some extraordinary insights of Mr. Mandelbrot and the application of fractal conceps to Astrophysics by Nottale, there was not a clear formulation of a Unification Theory of all sciences based in the scalar, self-similar, fractal, self-generative properties of information, the ‘program’ that designs the Universe. Since Mandelbrot, one of the few geniuses of the post-war era, who just passed away sparing himself the ‘Grand Finale’ have given indeed the first right step, discovering the fractal mathematics of information, but his concept of ‘roughness’ was too shy of the enormous implications of fractal, organic structures for the big picture of reality. Further on, it was needed to complete the 5 Non-Euclidean Postulates of geometry and fusion them with fractal mathematics to renovate the languages of the human mind. And so only when I completed that task left unfinished by Riemann and Einstein, I had the key to unlockthe Grand Design, upgrading all sciences with it.)

In that regard I was first shocked by the insinuations that we opposed CERN for ‘gain and fame’, or that we didn’t know what we talked about, but since we were never given a chance to defend ourselves, only one side of the story remains. In any case, what those smearing campaigns on Rossler, Walter and me means for this issue is that we have been mouth-strapped, effectively from the beginning. For that reason I insisted so much to Mr. Penrose and other scientists to do this release, despite having those documents available in this web. Since it is obvious that they won’t be smeared – respect is due in the ‘anglopocentric’ world we live in to people with the right pedigree (-; Sorry Eric, we have now only 20 days left before what can be our last minute on Earth, so let me have some irony about the way humans qualify subjectively truth).

From now on, if CERN has a ‘carte blanche’ to go ahead with the experiments, the responsibility will be shared by the Press, the Political Power and the Company.

If we die, it won’t be any longer CERN only, which has to be blamed. As it would be naive to blame only BP of the spill, now that we know the extent of the cover up of the Government’s Agencies on the risks and damage of the spill. Companies in our civilization are wrongly designed to reach their goals at all costs. Governments and the Press are supposed to monitor, alert and control with their executive power their wrong-doing. They are now informed, if they cover up this crime and allow these experiments to take place to protect a ‘machine’, it means plainly speaking, that we humans lack the minimal qualities required to survive in the Darwinian, Fractal Universe.

In any case the release was done, perhaps a bit late, but with courage Mr. Penrose has done what had to be done. And of course, as today, nobody has published…

So when and if this happens, I just want to state that we, the people who have dedicated years to these cause, have finished our job.

For any further inquires on CASTOR, please contact Mr. Penrose, who has taken the relay from us in this matter at the Heavy-Ion Alert site. Good luck my friend. It is indeed a heavy, strange Sisyphus stone, the one you carry now, hope it doesn’t sink us all.
The unbearable lightness of being human.

My consciousness is now clean. And since my scholar career is over for defying the ‘heir’ of Mr. Newton, as Leibniz’s career – the pioneer of the fractal Universe – was over for defending his discovery of Calculus, I am now in perpetual holidays. This doesn’t bother me. The dolce fare niente of merely perceiving the beauty of it all, the fractal self-similarities and sinchronicities, the eternal beating, E<=>I, of the infinite Universe, is far more rewarding than having to explain it to the world. I might never work in science again, but those discoveries published long ago in Spain. are poised to become the foundational elements of XXI century Science – witness this week New Scientists cover on ‘fractal evolution’ which follows on the steps of my 2 decades old work on ‘Radiations of Fractal Species’, or the fact that our organic model of evolution of machinespredicted a decade ago, the present fractal crash of markets, or the increasing recognition of the arrow of information in Nature, needed to explain the Grand Design, etc.

Why to state this here? For a simple reason. When you consider the two arrows that create the future, energy and information, as we do in Duality, the science I was chairing in international congresses till it ‘was cancelled’ after I put the suit to CERN, all simplifies and explains itself, like it happened in earlier astronomy when Copernicus put the sun in the center. And one of the things it simplifies is the meaning of survival, which can be resumed in a simple equation: Max E x I = Survival. This function E x I, is the existential force which explains that a species with the best energy body/force and informative particle/head will survive.

In Physics, since according to Einstein the information of a particle is its mass (ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv); that is a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency, and energy is defined as lineal motion, the existence force is equivalent to a particle’s momentum, Max MV, indeed determines the survival form in collisions. In biology the species with better body and brains survives, which made us the top predator species of this planet. But the existential force of a strangelet or black hole is far larger than any type of matter in this planet. It has been proved in the Galaxy ad nauseam that the collision of a black hole of any size with any type of star converts the star into a black hole.

Imagine then what dark matter will do with the unbearable lightness of mankind…

In that regard, people like Rossler and me can see CERN from the classic perspective of ‘monist’ physics, limited by their null understanding of mass and information in the Universe, and from the higher perspective of XXI century science with its 2 arrows of energy/motion and in/form/ation. And this makes us both aware of the dangers of CERN, of its null use to advance true science and of the minimalist position humanity occupies in the wider picture.

Our highest ego quality.

What is then left for me to do? To say what I truly think of Mankind…

Since for the first time in many years, I feel ‘released’ of all duty to the species, I will for once agree with Mr. Hawking who said that we were ‘undeserving of being called Human’ – but not for his espurious reasons (he affirmed it, when he was asked about the possibility of stopping the LHC) but precisely for the opposite reasons – for switching this machine.

In that regard, CERNerds and people like Hawking truly show the only quality in which Humanity is ‘big’ - her ego – the fictions she invents about his role in the Universe, as the only ‘Son of God’ (Abrahamic religions) or the only intelligent species of the cosmos (scientific/mechanist religions). The harder they fall… My view is the opposite. Complexity teaches us that we are nothing, specially in terms of energy and that energy is the cause of death. Complexity teaches us that an overdrive of energy is what erases the information of life (Max E x Min. I =Death).

It finally shows us the beauty of truly understanding not only the physicists’ ‘how’ but the ‘why’ of reality.

But mankind has never been interested in the ‘why’ if it doesn’t cater to his ego. So today refuses to evolve his mind beyond their ego-trips and myths of superiority, condemning instead to silence those who confront her with the bites of reality. And that silence of politicians and the press in this issue is just more of the same. I don’t think Mr. Penrose will succeed. We will know next week if someone reports on the CASTOR papers. But I think he will be treated with silence because it wouldn’t be easy to have a laugh at him, as it was the case with us. The effect though will be the same.

In any case I want to thanks for carrying these news. Nor that I believe in UFOs and those things -rather the opposite, I believe in the Fermi paradox- but he showed also courage treating this news as real.

The white matter brain.

But not only humans are an egocentric lot whose perception of themselves far outreaches what they are truly worth. It follows from that fact that their self-perceived qualities are mirages of that egocentric outlook. Let us consider two of those myths which have been at play in this bizarre finale – the complete lack of freedom of thought of the species, and the cowardice to confront the death of that worthless ego.

In Complexity, the brain is a fractal system of 3 ‘sub-brains’, the subconscious limbic system, of ‘short memory’, survival instincts and basic actions, the lineal, energetic white matter, the ‘fixed circuit’ of beliefs, imprinted in youth by egocentric religions or today, the cult to the machine, and then the grey matter, the rational, thinking, variable brain. What this means is that most humans have the ‘center of consciousness’ NOT in reason but in the imprinted beliefs of the white matter brain, connected to its survival instinctive limbic brain – that ‘rejects’ beyond short memory any attempt to redraw and kill the programs of the mind. So the ideas imprinted in youth, once the white matter circuit is put in place (and no longer can be rewired after adolescence) , wont change. The person will forget or become aggressive with its limbic brain against reason. And since the limbic brain is ego-driven and subjective, what I have found all my life is Planck’s dictum ‘people must die for a new paradigm of science to be imposed’ if it can be taught to the youngsters.

But all this is tiresome. You see the Universe is just, E x I = K, means that those of us who have more information than the rest of mankind have far less energy to spare. I have very little energy. 180 IQ means is all in the grey matter brain. But I live among white matter and limbic humans. Reason why, knowing the fractal paradigm dissolves the ego in the absolute, I haven’t fought in life to spread my discoveries – since I know I could not break those white wires,which want to survive. What CERNies, impossible to upgrade into XXI century and survival taught me is that at least most of my life in my silence I took the right choice. Since spreading the non-ego centered, objective truth about God, Man and the Universe, would have been a fight as harsh as trying to teach a Jewish person that his white matter brain is wrongly wired by Holocaust museums and racist rabbis to his limbic, survival instincts NOT to the objective facts of his grey matter brain. So he should not be paranoid about humanity killing them – we don’t really want to do that seriously, but use his otherwise well-functioning grey matter to deprogram himself from angst and reconnect to the eusocial love for the species. He, try. And of course, the same can be done of fundamentalist Islam learned in Madrassas by repeating at early age the suras. Try. They will rather kill you than hearing to you. And the same could be said of American patriots who still have to grasp the obvious fact that America is just a small image of the whole mankind and nationalism as absurd as religionalism… They will rather kill you than hearing to you.

And the same can be said of physicists thinking that time is ‘what a clock measures’ and energy is the only arrow of the Universe, born in a big-bang of entropy. They will rather kill us with the LHC than learn the Grand Design and their limited role in XXI century science.

The astounding fact is that nobody in the scientific or mainstream press has informed about our extinction by physicists only means that science as a religion and physics as the religion of energy, entropy and death is infinitely more powerful than the programmed white-matter brains of Jewish zealots, Islamic Jihadists and Fundamentalist Christians. Since I have found Jewish, Muslims and Christians able to understand the limits of religious programming by the droves and there are billions of humans who just rejected the program of religions, and yet in 3 years we never found a Physicist who will not accept the risk of killing -7 billion human beings to ‘prove’ a false, ridiculous theory of mass (the Higgs), long made obsolete by our discoveries, based in Einstein, that mass stores the form, the in/form/ation of the Universe. Those people are going to kill us to prove a theory as asbsurd as the idea that a goat-keeper saw a bush burning 3000 years ago and was god. But the difference is that – 7 billion humans have accepted the risk of death, have accepted that Higgs and Hawking and Hauer, have the right to kill mankind, all of us.

Does this matter? Of course, it doesn’t. The Universe is not a joker, it has no masks, it believes no myths, it cannot be cheated and it is just judging us at our face value.

So many humans who are nothing but wrong wired brains based in some self-ego trips, religions, nations, individuals fighting for selfish agendas. I am tired of my intellectual life, of this fight against CERN. I am tired of being human. Yes, I did free myself of human ego, of racial, cultural, nationalistic, religious or scientific dogmas. I did wire myself to an ever variable grey matter, following Master Leonardo, ‘saper vedere’. But this, I finally come to terms with it, isolated me from a human species, who only hears his own ego-trips.

It is mankind ultimately, who defies the Laws of God=The Fractal Mind of the Universe, and bluffs with his mosquito-like strength to the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Galaxy, the quark condensates of dark matter, strangelets and black holes. And this is plainly ridiculous, annoying and duly answered as we do with a nightmarish mosquito that bothers our sleep. We are just old bags of dirty water, with a few chemicals inside. Within the ladder of infinite scales of energy and information of the Whole, we are nothing. Shakespeare already said that we are both, giants and dwarf bufoons – it is all in the perspective. Einstein put it in maths with the concept of Relativity. Now we know, those fractal self-repetitive scales are infinite. Do you think the Absolute cares if we decide to play macho-man with a strangelet?

‘Those who impose truth with the tools of power, will be the laugh of the Gods.’ A. Einstein

The cowardice of the species.

Thus, 20 days before the irreversible end of the world I shall accept the ruling of the subconscious collective of Mankind. They want to die to keep the last of their ego- fantasies – the egotrip of mechanist science. So be it. After all ‘the unexamined life is not worth that name’. And that is what humans are, Lockean ‘tabula rassas’ as worthless of living as the motherboard of this computer.

Indeed, one of the most pathetic facts of the human mass confronted with their collective death, was the incapacity to face death and solve this problem. The species has become so coward, so childish, so vane that the ultimate reason we were not heard was because not even the news of ‘death’ could be taken.

‘Do not cry though like a baby, when you didn’t defend your kindgom like a man’ was also said to a Spanish king.

Paradoxically we were accused of being tinfoiled and hysterical – exactly the reaction of mankind to the bad news. Franly, I am a Basque and the rest of the activists are Germans. I do not think we have to show off about the two qualities of our cultures – to fight till the end and to search for truth at all costs. And certainly if the people of my culture had not reverted of late into tribalism as the rest of the species, we should have responded to this weapon that menaces our lives with the same coin and the LHC would have rest in peace long ago. But what we didn’t find was people who could have more than a diminutive view of themselves that today never goes beyond the tribal frontier. Humanity is a living corpse; the species has forgotten even that it is a species. It only looks to the navel. It is a slavish species who adores false idols of metal. And it is now time to be put in its place.

Time to die.

Good luck politicos, plumillas, clockers and other scum of the human electroweak bacteria, because you are all living corpses. Welcome Kali Yuga, your time is now. Do your job, clean this corner of the Universe.

And for those still billions of humans who didn’t deserve to die, the sheeple that followed their vane masters – I am sorry, but you always obey those who enslaved you. What did you expect ‘four legs’, ‘four legs’ – didn’t you learn from Hiroshima? How could you be so naive, so passive, so coward for so long?

‘There is a time to live and a time to die and each one must be prepared in a different way’ (Tibetan book). ‘Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not, there is only today’ (Egyptian book). Now we have 20 todays to go, enjoy, cosmic garb, enjoy.

On my part, since I am also human, I shall now embrace death with my species. Make no mistake, if you are under 40 and healthy, you will see the end of the world.

Because as another Spanish philosopher, also called L.S. put it, long ago, before cutting his wrists, tired of watching the decline of yet another civilization that had relied too much in money and weapons and too little in the power of truth and love to save his world, put it:

‘When a civilization is so corrupted that defies any attempt to reform, the philosopher must retire and wait for extinction.’ Lucius Seneca

And that is what I will do now, wait for extinction, since as other Ludwig said, ’when all has been said it is better to remain silent’.

White House adviser voices asteroid worries


October 22, 2010

asteroid warning system

National emergency plans for natural disasters can also work in the unlikely scenario of an asteroid strike on the U.S., according to a letter to Congress by the White House's top science adviser, has learned.

The 10-page letter by John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, adds that the U.S. has a responsibility to the world as the country most capable of detecting space rocks that threaten Earth. The Oct. 15 letter obtained by is addressed to the leaders of the House Committee on Science and Technology.

Holdren states that NASA must continue leading efforts to close the gap in detecting and perhaps deflecting near-Earth objects (NEO). The U.S. space agency already has the duty of alerting the rest of the government about any threatening space objects.

Holdren's letter also laid out the duties of other federal agencies in handling emergency communications and response. It called for a "senior-level interagency simulation exercise" to test impact-response plans before the United States is confronted with an actual asteroid impact. [ MSNBC NEWS ]

My immediate reaction is that it represents the most detailed consideration of the U.S. government's response to the NEO threat to date, more clearly delineating communication links and responsibilities than had previously been the case," said Clark Chapman, space scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo.

Going on alert
According to Holdren's letter, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under the Department of Homeland Security, has the main responsibility on the ground in the U.S. FEMA can rely in part upon the National Warning System, which was designed to alert U.S. citizens to a Cold War nuclear attack.

The Department of Defense would work with NASA on possible mitigation or deflection scenarios that involved military resources.

Meanwhile, the Department of State would help coordinate any international warnings or responses in a deep-impact scenario that affects more than just the U.S. It has experience notifying other countries about re-entering human-made space objects, including the defunct USA-193 spy satellite that was ultimately destroyed by a U.S. Navy missile.

"The United States is currently the world leader in NEO detection activities and will have a vital role to play in such communications, irrespective of whether the direct risk to the United States or its territories is considered low," Holdren said.

A NASA advisory council recently suggested that the space agency set up an official Planetary Defense Coordination Office to lead protection efforts against threatening asteroids or comets.

Finding the threat
NASA has begun closing in on its congressionally directed goal of finding at least 90 percent of all NEOs with a diameter of 1 kilometer or greater. Search teams had discovered about 903 of an estimated 1,050 NEOs in that size category as of Oct. 1, and the space agency plans to reach its 90 percent detection goal by the end of this year.

Just 149 of the discovered objects have orbits that could possibly bring them into collision with Earth, and none present an impact threat within the next 100 years. Another 993 objects less than one kilometer in diameter also have orbits that could someday pose a threat to our planet.

Yet NASA estimates that the 6,416 known NEOs in the smaller size category, less than 1 kilometer wide, represent just five percent of the expected count. In other words, there are probably many more objects out there that represent a possible threat to Earth.

Facing the future
Some of those objects were discovered more recently by NASA's sky-mapping WISE mission, which is slated to end in January 2011. But there are possible plans for ground-based telescopes that could join the hunt, such as the Air Force's Space Surveillance Telescope and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

The National Research Council and NASA also suggested the possibility of a dedicated asteroid hunter that would fly in a Venus-trailing orbit. No firm plans have been made for this.

President Barack Obama's new National Space Policy and plan for human spaceflight has also targeted a human mission to an asteroid by 2025. That could prove a useful dry run of sorts for any future efforts that might need to deflect an asteroid away from Earth.

"The planning, required capabilities, and ultimate execution of such a mission also would parallel most aspects of a potential robotic asteroid-deflection mission, providing valuable experience in asteroid-rendezvous techniques," Holdren said.

The System Will Collapse Into Chaos If Government Stops Entitlements


International forecaster, Bob Chapman, tells it like it is, as usual. In We See Totally Surreal Markets, Chapman points out what those on the unemployment rolls, those with lost homes, and those close to personal economic collapse already know - that our economic system is in complete and utter shambles:

We see totally surreal markets, because the US government has been manipulating them under the fascist model for years As in 1984, good news is bad and bad news is good. Market manipulation is insanity and it guarantees a dreadful conclusion. There is no logic and the denizens of Wall Street go right along with the scam least they lose their jobs. Most all of the economic and financial news is bad and that is a fact. Markets cannot thrive on hope in the Fed or the administration or on QE2. The fundamentals simply are not there. Zero interest rates cannot last forever and neither can a never-ending, growing Fed balance sheet. The Fed’s policies have been losers. How can you have faith in a failed system driven by the greed and looting of the American public by Wall Street and banking, which owns the Fed? In fact we now see them praying for inflation so their system doesn’t collapse. They really believe they can propagandize the public into spending more again. That is going to be a very hard sell with real unemployment at 22-3/4% and real estate still collapsing.

At the heart of today’s financial problems is one of the greatest frauds ever pulled by American banking. This is the result of issuing fiat money and credit. This is the result of leaving the gold standard 39 years ago. The release of gold as an anchor ended any incentive to stop inflating. Government can spend as it pleases and the public gladly accepts inflation to have a better lifestyle, not understanding that debt piles up, taxes have to rise and in the end the bubble breaks as we have just seen in real estate. It has also ushered in fascist socialism that has allowed welfare, food stamps, and extended unemployment forever, Medicare, Medicaid and educational grants. The politicians, and those who control them, cannot and won’t stop the gravy train because if they do the system collapses in chaos. It is called a race to the bottom that began 39 years ago initiated by President Nixon, who said we are all Keynesians at heart. In other words, everyone wants a free lunch.

One thing we can guarantee is dollar devaluation, versus other currencies and gold and default. This is another lock Americans are going to have to deal with. Social Security and Medicare are already in default. Why do you think government wants to steal your retirement plans? How else can they keep them going with other government spending, such as wars of endless duration and creating employment in a staggering economy? The bank known as Washington has already been broken.

They are just barely hanging on right now. Though it may have been a painful and politically incorrect position to take, had the US government not engaged in massive, multi-trillion dollar stimulus, bailouts and backstops for the last two years we might have already had a major economic reset and the system might be closer to stabilization.

Unfortunately, our government and the Federal Reserve chose to continue the machinations that got us to the 2008 crisis - and they took it to a whole new level - with unprecedented spending and monetization of US debt.

Now, we’re locked in - that is, until the system eventually hits a brick wall and comes crashing down.

Right now, our policy makers are in a Catch 22. It’s checkmate, and the only thing that we can do is delay… to a point.

We need austerity measures, much more severe than those of France, Greece and the rest of Europe, but mass cuts in entitlement programs that tens of millions of Americans have come to depend on will lead to serious problems, not just for our economy, but on a social level as well. What happens if 40 million people were to lose their food stamps, or 20 million people lose their unemployment benefits? Many are already at the breaking point, if the government were to stop the gravy train, as Chapman puts it, the system would get very chaotic, very quickly. Thus, we just don’t see something like that happening anytime soon.

But make no mistake, the current entitlement system, driven mainly by US government borrowing, is unsustainable. So, whether we like it or not, the cut to entitlement programs is coming one way or the other.

Politicians are just not going to do it. For many, it would be political suicide.

So, the end result we foresee is, as Chapman points out, a high inflationary environment that will make it impossible for the average food stamp, unemployment or welfare recipient to purchase essential goods like food, energy and shelter.

We’re seeing it in Social Security already, albeit in limited form. The government has not re-adjusted social security payments higher because the CPI inflation index has not shown an increase over the last couple years. However, the CPI does not include calculations for food and energy because our government says those are highly volatile and should not be counted. Thus, social security recipients are now paying more for food than they were two years ago, but there has been no adjustment made in their benefits. They’ve essentially taken a mandated pay cut as the US dollar has lost value.

This is exactly what we will see in other entitlement programs. Now imagine for a minute what it will look like if/when inflation is running rampant at 10% - 15% per year, and entitlement adjustments only account for 1% to 3% increases.

A lot of people will go broke a whole lot faster.

And, we’re not talking about people not being able to buy iPads, new home decor, or Christmas presents for the kids. No, we’re talking about being able to put food on the table, paying the rent for shelter and putting gas in the car.

This can get very ugly. As Peter Schiff previously pointed out, a great number of Americans will be impoverished and, according to Gerald Celente, many may take to the streets in riots and protests circa 2011 and beyond.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Gerald Celente reveals real Great Depression causes & hints at future


Gerald Celente reveals how the Great Depression started because of run on banks from people who were trying to get their gold. Also that the US...


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Alex Jones: Bilderberg meetings in public


Protestors in France and other European countries are taking to the streets to demand change, however in the US there has not been a mass protests...


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Thursday, 21 October 2010

College Professor Calls for Extermination of Israel, Denies Holocaust


My Jewish friends have often wondered about the rise in anti-semitism among the young, especially college aged children. This CBN report provides an example of an uncomfortable truth. American higher education purposefully teaches anti-Jewish hatred and employs people who promote those views:

video below:

Planetary Defense Coordination Office Proposed to Fight Asteroids


October 20, 2010

A new report calls on NASA to establish a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to lead national and international efforts in protecting Earth against impacts by asteroids and comets .

The final report of the Ad-Hoc Task Force on Planetary Defense of the NASA Advisory Council was delivered to the Council this month, proposing five recommendations that suggest how the space agency should organize, acquire, investigate, prepare, and lead national and international efforts in planetary defense against near-Earth objects .

"This was a very important step in the process of the United States Government defining its role in protection of life from this occasional, but devastating natural hazard," former astronaut Russell Schweickart told "Happily, in the instance of asteroid impacts, this is a natural disaster which can be prevented...only, however, if we properly prepare and work together with other nations around the world." [ YAHOO NEWS ]

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Psywar: The real battlefield is your mind


Vatic Note: Don't forget, the role of drug experimentations on mind control. Remember also, the increased and pervasive use of drugs called Ritalin on our children for made up diseases called ADD for kids acting like kids. If they had done that when I was growing up, I would have been a candidate since I was the ultimate kid. LOL
The real battlefield is your mind
How did the land of the free and the home of the brave arrive at a place where citizens could be manipulated with such efficiency and on such a massive scale?
Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips (“Project Censored”), John Stauber (“PR Watch”), Christopher Simpson (“The Science of Coercion”) and others.
In case you missed it: A tale of two photos: If there is one thing this war has taught us all, it's that we can't believe what we're told. For Donald Rumsfeld these were "breathtaking". For the British Army they were "historic". For BBC Radio they were "amazing".
September 18, 2010
This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the "elitist theory of democracy" and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.
Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips ("Project Censored"), John Stauber ("PR Watch"), Christopher Simpson ("The Science of Coercion") and others.
See also - The Century of the Self - How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.

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Solar SuperStorm 1859 – It can happen again



This solar storm information is not intended to be alarmist, but to make you think.
The Solar SuperStorm of 1859. It happened during September 1–2, 1859 and was the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded.

During the Thursday morning of 1-September, Richard Carrington, a 33 year old amateur astronomer from England, first observed sunspot activity that would later lead to the monumental eruption. The observations were seen using his solar telescope which projected an 11 inch diameter image on to a surface where he would sketch the large group of sunspots.

During his observations that morning he suddenly witnessed two brilliant spots of light forming within the sunspot group which rapidly grew in size, twice as bright as the sun itself. Within 5 minutes the mega flare had peaked in size and intensity, reduced back to pinpoints of light, and vanished.

Early the following morning, much of the world was witnessing a massive and tremendously bright display of the aurora, even at latitudes in the tropics. During the same time, telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed while spraying out sparks from telegraph poles and igniting widespread fires.

The telegraph system was the only high technology of that day, archaic by today’s standards, and it was brought down by an invisible force from the sun.

Today, the problem begins with the electric power grid, the essential conduit carrying the life blood of nearly all services and infrastructure that our modern society depends upon.

The way in which the grid is built in the United States (similarly elsewhere), lines stretched out overhead at distances spanning and crisscrossing nearly 200,000 miles, it acts as a giant vulnerable antenna which would easily pick up the electrical currents induced by a geomagnetic solar storm which could potentially create widespread or catastrophic problems.

The electrical currents can surge, melt, and destroy the copper windings of transformers, which are the essential interconnecting links distributed all over the grid. To make matters even more vulnerable, the utility companies have interconnected their grids together, enabling long distance distribution and control of supply and demand.

The most notable recent geomagnetic power outage took place during March 1989 when a solar storm plunged millions of people into darkness in Quebec, Canada as their power grid system failed. To put it in context, the solar superstorm of 1859 was many, many times more powerful than the 1989 storm affecting Quebec.


EHV-transformers, at-risk capacity

At high risk today are the network of EHV transformers (Extra-High-Voltage, 345,000 volts and above) spread around the grid, which if damaged, would literally take years to replace due to their highly specialized manufacture.

The consequences of such a dire circumstance need not be spelled out here. Leave it to your own imagination and consider your own emergency preparedness plans as we come closer to the next 11-year peak of the solar cycle.

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Gerald Celente: “The Worst Economic Times in Modern History”


Gerald Celente forecast our current crisis, as well as many of the events that unfolded after the crash of 2008 well before they happened. He now forecasts a number of other trends and says that the United States is “going under” and that we are entering “the worst economic times in modern history.”

In addition to the economic Armageddon, Celente forecasts some other important trends and events that are, according to him, likely to occur over the next several years.

Watch All 7 Parts - Gerald Celente with Alex Jones (October 17, 2010):

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Max Keiser on The Alex Jones Show - Mon 10.18.2010


Alex welcomes back to the show Bill Still, the producer of the Money Masters and more recently The Secret of Oz, a documentary about debt and the...

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Beirut Reiterates 9/11 Conspiracy and Accuses the West of Al-Hariri Assassination



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Gerald Celente Forecasts Mass Protests In 2011,2012


As European governments implement austerity measures across much of the region, mass protests are beginning to spread. Riot police have been deployed in Greece and in France, where groups are protesting because the government increased the retirement age by two years recently, may soon see some of their largest industries affected, including the airlines which have indicated that their fuel supplies lines have been cut by protesters.

It’s clear that Europe’s economy is in trouble, and that austerity measures need to be implemented, as the entire EU has essentially become one large welfare state, much like the United States. And what is happening in Europe will come to the shores of the U.S., says trend forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute:

It’s beginning. You’re seeing it with the Tea Parties. Of course they’ve been co-opted by the Republican Party. But remember, no one would have ever thought that would have happened three years ago. So the movement is in place.

This is our forecast. People are going to wait for the elections in November. They think they’re going to have some other change you can believe in. It won’t happen. When the economic winter sets in, then you’re going to start seeing people protesting more and more. No, this is just the beginning. The United States is slow on the draw when it comes to protesting.

But get ready for it. We see it happening in 2011 and 2012.

Just like Europe’s overbloated social systems, the United States will have to start cutting costs - it will be a matter of financial survival for the nation. Unfortunately, we’re so indebted at this point, that austerity measures will likely fall short of anything meaningful and the eventual outcome - the only way for us to cover our debts - is going to be either total default or total destruction of the U.S. dollar.

Add to that the increased taxes that working Americans will be paying, and higher costs for essential goods like food and energy combined with a depreciating dollar, and many of our countrymen will be left with no choice but to hit the streets in protest.

Our view is that, if we’re talking about the inability of an individual to acquire food for their family for lack of funds because government food stamps are no longer enough or because they don’t have a job, protests may quickly evolve into mass riots, especially in major cities. The blame game will be in full effect, and the people are going to be pointing their fingers straight at elected officials and government’s lack of ability to mitigate the crisis.

As Ron Paul recently pointed out, the federal government will be proven totally inept before this is all said and done.

Winning The Currency War: The Unleasing of a “Financial Nuclear War”


by Matthias Chang

Let us be very clear about the impact of the coming massive Quantitative Easing (QEII) by the FED, the financial bully of Wall Street. It is the unleashing of a financial nuclear weapon!

The financial media is portraying this process as “a war of survival” between America and the rest of the world. This is a war waged by Wall Street. Its main  instrument is a Global Ponzi Scheme.

If the American people is hoodwinked into believing the financial media, which justifies the use of “financial WMDs” against America and the world, the consequences will be catastrophic and the American economy and people will be devastated. Moreover, for the 1% of the financial elites, about half will survive, consolidate their control and form new global alliances. This is already taking place, as highlighted in my recent article. [1]

Will the American people rise to the occasion and hunt down the fraudsters on Wall Street, the US Congress and the puppet masters behind the shadow money-lending system. In this regard, I am not optimistic. The present mass movement - the Tea Party constitutes a significant diversion from the main issues that need to be addressed. The  American people seem to be unaware that they have been plundered by their very own political leaders acting in concert with the global financial elites on Wall Street.

In the same way that the American people were dragged into invading Afghanistan and Iraq on the promise of victory (Bush’s Mission Accomplished), Wall Street will do likewise in launching this unprecedented financial war on the promise that they will come out the victors!

The propaganda has already commenced. The Financial Times, one of the leading mouth-pieces of the financial establishment has declared victory even before the launch of the first WMD. To quote Martin Wolf:

“To put it bluntly, the US wants to inflate the rest of the world, while the latter is trying to deflate the US. The US must win, since it has infinite ammunition: there is no limit to the dollars the Federal Reserve can create. What need to be discussed are the terms of the world’s surrender”.

Wall Street´s Utmost Arrogance. Why?

The US has “unlimited nuclear weapons” enough to destroy the entire planet. When Russia and China did not have nuclear weapons, the US dared unleash two nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima to blackmail the rest of the world to toe the line.

But, China declared that “nuclear weapons are paper tigers” and “America is a paper tiger”.  However, during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, when the US and its allies had so much military superiority, they did not have the guts to unleash a regional nuclear war, or a global nuclear war!

And as they say, the rest is history.

As a declining military power, the US is left with nothing but bully tactics – the constant threat that “all options are on the table”. And this is echoed by its regional bullies – the UK, Japan and Israel against Iran, North Korea, Syria and Lebanon.

It is in the same way that I view the threat of Quantitative Easing (QEII) by the FED and Wall Street – their so-called unlimited financial WMDs.

I dare say, to borrow Bush’s words, “Bring Them On!”

This is so typical of a bully who has run out of ammunition and is using sheer arrogance to intimidate.

The Flaw In the QEII Grand Strategy

The first fundamental flaw in this grand strategy is the false assumption that because the dollar is the global reserve currency, the FED has the capacity to increase the amount of dollars in an unlimited fashion.

The second fundamental flaw is that (and notwithstanding the fact since 2007, the rest of the world has started to take measures to decouple from the US) the rest of the world would still look towards the USA as the ultimate market for their exports.

The third fundamental flaw is that the rest of the world would still be willing to accept “toilet paper Federal Reserve Notes” (printed or digital) as legal tender.

The financial generals planning this war must be in some “wonderland” to base their entire war plans on the above three fundamental assumptions. How stupid and out of touch can they get?

For starters, the USA is no longer a BUYERS’ MARKET i.e. the US is no longer in a position to dictate the terms regarding the purchase of its imports.

American consumers are drowning in debt. The financial institutions that were supporting their insatiable appetite for loans are all insolvent and cannot continue giving easy money to the consumers to indulge in their fantasies. And adding insult to injury, expect the sellers in these depressed conditions to be paid in toilet paper Federal Reserve Notes. We are not watching Comedy Hour. This is the reality show!

In the near and short term, the sellers (exporting nations) will suffer acute pain but, in the last two years regional trade has already begun to offset the drag from exports to the US.

But the near term pain of exporting nations pale in comparison to the trauma and mental anguish by Americans going to Wal-Mart and other Hypermarket retailers and not even finding the cheap goods that they were so used to purchasing.

A shift in trading patterns could potentially result in “empty shelves” in stores across America. There are over 40 million Americans on food stamps. Attached to this time bomb, is another another potentially explosive process: an impoverished and disillusioned middle class.

Moreover, within the realm of international trade, there will be growing barter trade, especially in commodities and one of the first commodities to be de-dollarised will be crude oil, the mighty crude which since 1973, has been the main pillar propping up the dollar.

If the Saudis had not succumbed to Kissinger’s blackmail, the dollar could have collapsed as a reserve currency a long time ago. Oil producing countries (with perhaps the exception of Saudi Arabia) could well enter into bilateral trade agreements (including barter) to sell crude in any currency other than the dollar.


[1] The Barclays Octopus, posted to my website,

Water Crisis in Palestine Is Worsening


Vatic Note: I find it amazing that all these articles begin to appear when we did such a deep rabbit hole on the whole issue of water, our survival, our DNA and consciousness and finally our humanity. Since the science is from around the globe, do the Zionists know about this? If so, is this then intentional for a much deeper reason similar to what the zionists in our government are doing to us and our military. All good questions that desparately need answering. Unfortunately, the pals are in worst shape and condition than we are. Lets pray for them to receive water they can drink without damage.
Water Crisis in Palestine Is Worsening
Published on Friday, October 15, 2010 by
by Nora Barrows-Friedman
“The wind finally came to Palestine,” a friend of mine told me on the phone today, from his home in Battir, a small village near Bethlehem. “Now we can finally breathe.” He said he was relieved that the sweltering Palestinian summer was nearing its end and Autumn was showing its colors in the parched hillsides and in the air. But the water in my friend's home, in his village and across occupied Palestine is still slow to trickle, as it has been for months.
As Jewish Israelis enjoy trips to the beach, neighborhood swimming pools, unfettered access to clean drinking water, state-of-the-art sewage treatment infrastructure, and endless amounts of running water in their homes, Palestinians in communities separated by boundaries, walls, and checkpoints brace and prepare each time the weather heats up and the antiquated wells dry up.
For weeks on end – especially in the refugee camps inside the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – there simply is no water coming from the tap, and people are forced to purchase bottled water just to meet their daily needs.
For Palestinians under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and in Palestinian-Bedouin communities inside Israel itself, water has historically been a precious commodity especially in the summer months – which can stretch, like this year's, for over five months – because of the ongoing resource theft of groundwater tables by the Israeli state and the economic blockade the government continues against the people in Gaza.
According to current statistics by Amnesty International, Israel takes 80% of the water in the Mountain aquifers in the north (one of many water sources available to Israel, including the state's full access to the Jordan River, which runs inside the occupied West Bank); while Palestinians in the West Bank are left with just the remaining 20% of that one aquifer, and are prohibited from accessing water from the Jordan river altogether.
However, in Gaza, 95% of the groundwater is extremely polluted and deemed unfit for human consumption, according to new reports from Israeli human rights organization B'tselem [1]). The water crisis has entered into a troubling phase as Israel maintains its suffocating blockade against the 1.5 million Palestinians trapped inside the strip. This blockade, which has been in place as collective punishment following the Hamas party's political takeover in 2007, prevents entry to hundreds of items – including essential industrial materials needed to repair the water infrastructure.
The Electronic Intifada reported on B'tselem's findings back in September [2]):
“Citing reports from the United Nations' Environment Program, the Palestinian Water Authority, the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility and international aid organizations, B'Tselem's report says that children are being especially affected by the water crisis in Gaza.
The report references the over-pumping of groundwater, combined with poor wastewater management systems and the toxification of ground soil from waste disposal sites -- where asbestos, medical waste, oils and fuels were dumped after Israel's three-week attacks in 2008-09. As a result, according to B'Tselem, chemicals such as chlorides and nitrates are contributing to excessive diseases and internal injuries, especially in Gaza's children.
Israeli air strikes during the winter attacks also damaged wastewater treatment plants in Gaza, and damaged thirty kilometers of water networks, eleven wells and six thousand residential water tanks. Reports estimate that the damage to the water infrastructure amounted to approximately $6 million.
"According to international aid organizations, twenty percent of Gazan families have at least one child under age five who suffers from diarrhea as a result of polluted water," B'Tselem reports. "A UN study published in 2009 estimates that diarrhea is the cause of 12 percent of children's deaths in Gaza. The lack of potable drinking water is liable to cause malnutrition in children and affect their physical and cognitive development."
Moreover, the blockade and the bombings have affected the sewage infrastructure as well. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza City released a shocking report in August on the toxification of the sea itself because of the deterioration of Gaza's wastewater treatment plants.
“Gaza's current wastewater treatment facilities were constructed with an operational capacity of 32,000 cubic meters of waste a day,” states the report ( [3]).
“With a growth rate that is one of the world's highest -- an estimated 3.6 percent annually -- Gaza's surging population has overwhelmed the capacity of the waste treatment facilities, and Monther [Shoblak, director general of the Coastal Municipality Water Utility] estimates that the facilities are now receiving at least 65,000 cubic meters of waste daily.
Unable to handle more than half of its intake, much of the sewage is directly transported to the sea, where it is dumped completely untreated. Much of this sewage washes back onto Gaza's shores, polluting the beaches and creating toxic swimming conditions for the countless children and adults seeking escape from the intense summer heat,” the report continued.
Facts like these are staggering, and nothing new to Palestinians who have experienced decades of humanitarian crisis. So, what do we do about this deliberate water emergency unfolding across Palestine, especially inside the Gaza strip, and especially affecting the most vulnerable population, the children?
Berkeley, California-based Middle East Children's Alliance has taken direct action against the water crisis in Gaza, launching the Maia project to provide Palestinian children with clean, safe drinking water. Maia is Arabic for water.
According to their website, [4], the project began “when the Student Parliament at the UN Boys’ School in Bureij Refugee Camp, Gaza were given the opportunity to choose one thing they most wanted for their school:
They chose to have clean drinking water. MECA’s partner in Gaza heard about this vote and, after meeting with representatives from the school and the Student Parliament, came to MECA to see if we could respond to the children’s request for drinking water. MECA provided the funds to build a water purification and desalination unit for the school in 2007.”
MECA's interest in simply providing something we here in this country, and in most industrialized places across the world, for granted – clean, safe, drinking water – is intrinsically aligned with their 22-year old philosophy that Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese children deserve a better and healthier future than the one they've acquired under so many years of occupations and wars.
This philosophy includes the radical notion that there are already incredible people on the ground who are already working hard to better their communities, and international donor support should compliment and sustain that locally-based work. MECA says they are working in partnership with various community organizations “to build water purification and desalination units in schools throughout the Gaza strip...We have provided clean water to twelve large UN schools in Palestinian refugee camps and to ten kindergartens in refugee camps, towns, and villages,” they say.
MECA is appealing for generous donations to combat the aggressive and unraveling humanitarian crisis in Gaza by building water purification systems in Palestinian childrens' schools.
“A large purification unit for a UN school in a refugee camp costs $11,300. The UN schools run in shifts due to overcrowding and each unit provides drinking water for 1,500-2,000 children and staff. A small purification unit for a preschool or kindergarten costs $4,000 and serves 150-450 children.
Many of the small units are located in community centers with after-school programs and summer camps so the units serve these children as well. Many organizations, individuals, and schools around the US are raising the whole cost of a unit in their communities,” MECA says.
There's always so much despair when I talk or think or write about Palestine – but through this project, and with the work that MECA's staff in California and in Palestine have been doing for so many years, I know it's possible to make an extraordinary difference in children's lives.
Nora Barrows-Friedman is an award-winning journalist, radio producer and writer, and reports on the situation in occupied Palestine from the ground several times a year. Nora writes with the Electronic Intifada, and contributes to Al-Jazeera, Inter Press Service and, among many other news outlets, magazines, and online media sources. She is the recipient of a 2009 Media Freedom Award from Project Censored and the Media Freedom Foundation, and was named a Top 20 Global Media Figure by Pulse Media.
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Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’


Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’'catastrophe'/

Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’ By: John O’Sullivan
Respected American physicist, Dr Charles R. Anderson has waded into the escalating Satellitegate controversy publishing a damning analysis on his blog.
In a fresh week of revelations when NOAA calls in their lawyers to handle the fallout, Anderson adds further fuel to the fire and fumes against NOAA, one of the four agencies charged with responsiblity for collating global climate temperatures. NOAA is now fighting a reargaurd legal defense to hold onto some semblance of credibility with growing evidence of systemic global warming data flaws by government climatologists.
NOAA Systemically Excised Data with ‘Poor Interpolations’
Anderson, a successful Materials Physicist with his own laboratory, has looked closely at the evidence uncovered on NOAA. He has been astonished to discover, “Both higher altitudes and higher latitudes have been systematically removed from the measured temperature record with very poor and biased interpolated results taking their place.”
Like other esteemed scientists, Anderson has been quick to spot sinister flaws in official temperatures across northern Lake Michigan as revealed in my earlier articles.
I had proven that the website operated by the Michigan State University had published ridiculously high surface water temperatures widely distributed over the lake many indicating super-boiling conditions. The fear is that these anomalies have been fed across the entire satellite dataset. The satellite that first ignited the fury is NOAA-16. But as we have since learned there are now five key satellites that have become either degraded or seriously compromised.
In his post Satellite Temperature Record Now Unreliable, Anderson’s findings corroborate my own that NOAA sought to cover up the “sensor degradation” on their satellite, NOAA-16. The U.S. physicist agrees there may now be thousands of temperatures in the range of 415-604 degrees Fahrenheit automatically fed into computer climate models and contaminating climate models with a substantial warming bias. This may have gone on for a far longer period than the five years originally identified.
Anderson continues, “One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us.”
Indian Government Knew of Faults in 2004
I have further uncovered proof that the Indian government was long ago onto these faults, too. Researcher, Devendra Singh, tried and failed to draw attention to the increasing problems with the satellite as early as 2004 but his paper remained largely ignored outside of his native homeland.
Indian scientist, Singh reported that NOAA-16 started malfunctioning due to a scan motor problem that caused a ‘barcode’ appearance. Singh’s paper, ‘Performance of the NOAA-16 and AIRS temperature soundings over India’ exposed the satellite’s growing faults and identified three key errors that needed to be addressed.
Singh writes, “The first one is the instrument observation error. The second is caused by the differences in the observation time and location between the satellite and radiosonde. The third is sampling error due to atmospheric horizontal inhomogeneity of the field of view (FOV).” These from India thus endorse Dr. Anderson’s findings.

NOAA Proven to have engaged in Long-term Cover Up
My investigations are increasingly proving that such data was flagged by non-NOAA agencies years ago, but NOAA declined to publish notice of the faults until the problem was publicized loudly and widely in my first ‘satellitegate’ article, US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal – NOAA Disgraced. Official explanations initially dismissed my findings. But then NOAA conceded my story was accurate in the face of the evidence.
My second article, shortly thereafter, exposed that a succession of record warm temperatures in recent years may be based on contaminated satellite readings. But NOAA spokesman, Program Coordinator, Chuck Pistis declined to clarify the extent of the satellite instrument problem or how long the fault might have gone undetected.
Thereafter, in my third article, Official: Satellite Failure Means Decade of Global Warming Data Doubtful we saw the smoking gun evidence of a cover up after examining the offending satellite’s AVHRR Subsystem Summary. The official summary shows no report of any ‘sensor degradation’ (NOAA’s admission) since its launch in September 2000.
Subsystem Summary Details Censored Between 2005-10
But even more sinister is the fact that the official online summary now only shows events recorded up to 2005. All subsequent notations, that was on NOAA’s web pages last week and showed entries inclusive to summer 2010, have now been removed. However, is displaying a sample of the missing evidence copied before NOAA took down the revealing web pages after it entered into ‘damage limitation mode.’
As events have unfolded we are also learning that major systemic failures in the rest of the satellite global data-collecting network were also not reported. Such serious flaws affect up to five U.S satellites as reported in an excellent article by Susan Bohan here.
NOAA Tears Up its Own ‘ Data Transparency’ Policy
But rather than come clean NOAA has this week ordered their lawyers to circle the wagons. Glenn Tallia, their Senior Counselor, wrote to advise me, “The data and associated website at issue are not NOAA’s but instead are those of the Michigan State Sea Grant program. Thus, we have referred your e-mail to the Michigan State Sea Grant program.”
Yes, Glenn, clearly the final data output was published by Michigan but the underlying fault is with your satellite!
With NOAA now hiding behind their attorneys we appear to see a contradiction of NOAA’s official pledge that “ The basic tenet of physical climate data management at NOAA is full and open data access” published in their document, NOAA/National Climatic Data Center Open Access to Physical Climate Data Policy December 2009.
Sadly, we may now be at the start of yet another protracted delay and concealment process that tarnished NASA’s and CRU’s reputations in Climategate. We saw in that scandal that for 3-7 years the US and the UK government agencies cynically and unlawfully stymied Freedom of Information requests (FOIA).
NASA’s disgrace was affirmed in March 2010 when they finally conceded that their data was in worse shape than the much-maligned Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the UK’s University of East Anglia. CRU’s Professor Phil Jones only escaped criminal prosecution by way of a technicality.
The attorney credited with successfully forcing NASA to come clean was Christopher Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Horner is now advising me as to how best to pursue a possible FOIA of my own against NOAA if they continue their obfuscation.
American Physicist Pick Out Key Issues
Meanwhile, back on his blog Anderson points to the key issues that NOAA tries to cover up. He refers to how Charles Pistis, Program Coordinator of the Michigan Sea Grant project, tried to pass off the dodgy data as being an accidental product of the satellite’s malfunction sensors taking readings off the top of clouds rather than the surface temperatures.
By contrast, Anderson cogently refutes this explanation showing that such bogus data was consistently of very high temperatures not associated with those detected from cloud tops. He advises it is fair to assume that NOAA were using this temperature anomaly to favorably hype a doomsaying agenda of ever-increasing temperatures that served the misinformation process of government propaganda.
As Pistis admitted, all such satellite data is fed automatically into records and apparently as long as it showed high enough temperatures to satisfy the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (AGW) advocates of those numbers were not going to make careful scrutiny for at least half a decade.
Anderson bemoans, “One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us.”
“Charles Pistis has evaded the repeated question of whether the temperature measurement data from such satellites has gone into the NOAA temperature record. This sure suggests this is an awkward question to answer.”
Now Satellites NOAA-17 and 18 Suffer Calamities
While NOAA’s Nero fiddles ‘Rome’ continues to burn and the satellite network just keeps on falling apart. After NOAA-16 bit the dust last week NOAA-17 became rated ‘poor’ due to ‘scan motor degradation” while NOAA-18’s gyro’s are regarded by many now as good as dead. However, these satellites that each cross the U.S. twice per day at twelve-hour intervals are still giving “direct readout”(HRPT or APT) or central processing to customers. So please, NOAA, tell us – is this GIGO still being fed into official climate models?
NOAA-17 appears in even worse condition. On February 12 and 19 2010 NOAA-17 concedes it has “ AVHRR Scan Motor Degradation” with “Product(s) or Data Impacted.”
Beleaguered NOAA customers have been told, “direct readout users are going to have to deal with the missing data gaps as best they can.”
On August 9, 2010, NOAA 17 was listed as on ‘poor’ with scan motor problems and rising motor currents. NOAA admits, “Constant rephase by the MIRP was causing data dropouts on all the HRPT stream and APT and GAC derivatives. Auto re-phase has now been disabled and the resulting AVHRR products are almost all unusable.”
NOAA continues with tests on ‘17’ with a view to finding a solution. On page 53 we find that NOAA-17 has an inoperable AMSU Instrument. The status for August 17, 2010 was RED (not operational) and NOAA is undertaking “urgent gyro tests on NOAA 18.” For further details see here. More evidence proving NOAA is running a “degrading” satellite network can be read here.
Dr. Anderson sums up saying; “It is now perfectly clear that there are no reliable worldwide temperature records and that we have little more than anecdotal information on the temperature history of the Earth.”