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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bush: Olmert asked to me strike Syria, but I refused


Former US President George W. Bush has revealed that he considered ordering the US military to strike a suspected Syrian nuclear facility at Israel's request in 2007, however in the end he opted against it.
In his memoir, "Decision Points," which is due to be released on Tuesday, Bush says he received an intelligence report about a "suspicious, well-hidden facility in the eastern desert of Syria," and then telephoned then Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to discuss what action to take.
Reports at the time suggested that Israel was behind the bombing that eventually destroyed the facility, which Syria denied was aimed at developing a nuclear weapons capability.

The Most Dangerous Place On Earth: The Brutal Drug War Raging On The U.S. Border


Most Americans have no idea that the most dangerous place on earth is just across the United States border. The city of Juarez, Mexico is nestled right next to El Paso, Texas and it is the murder capital of the world. So far this year, more than 2,000 people have been murdered in the city. The Mexican government has been trying to get a handle on the situation, but corruption is so rampant on all levels of government in Mexico and the drug cartels are so incredibly powerful that it just seems to be a losing battle. But it is not just Juarez that is a crisis point. The truth is that vast stretches of the U.S. border with Mexico have become war zones and yet the mainstream media in the United States is strangely silent about the whole thing.

The truth is that it is far safer to go to Iraq or Afghanistan today than it is to go to cities like Juarez. Freelance journalist Jeff Antebi recently described to CNN what he experienced when he went to Juarez....

"When I arrived in Juarez," says Antebi, "within an hour, over the police scanners, a body has been found. And maybe 30 minutes later, another body.

"And then another body. And by the end of the day, it was 10. The next day, 10. The next day, 10."

The Mexican government says that as many as 28,000 people have been slaughtered by the drug cartels since 2007. The drug cartels are constantly at war with each other and with Mexican authorities. In the video posted below, one reporter went to Juarez to try to get a sense of what is happening to that city....

It would be really hard to understate what a disaster zone Juarez has become. In an interview with Democracy Now, author Charles Bowden described how a once very prosperous city has become a literal hellhole as a result of all this violence....

So what you have is about 10,000 federal troops and federal police agents all marauding. You have a city where no one goes out at night; where small businesses all pay extortion; where 20,000 cars were officially stolen last year; where 2,600-plus people were officially murdered last year; where nobody keeps track of the people who have been kidnapped and never come back; where nobody counts the people buried in secret burying grounds, and they, in an unseemly way, claw out of the earth from time to time. You’ve got a disaster. And you have a million people, too poor to leave, imprisoned in it.

It doesn't matter if you are an American either. The drug cartels will gun you down and gut you like a fish in a heartbeat. For example, NPR recently described one horrific incident in the Juarez Valley that involved American citizens....

A couple of weeks ago, gunmen in the Juarez Valley killed the Mexican relative of a Fort Hancock high school student. When the student's family in Fort Hancock heard about it, they crossed the border at 10 a.m. to see the body, and took the student with them.

"By 10:30, they had stabbed the relatives that went with him, which included his grandparents, with an ice pick," says school superintendent Jose Franco. "My understanding is that the gentleman is like 90 years old, and they poked his eyes out with an ice pick. I believe those people are still in intensive care here in a hospital in the U.S."

Are you starting to get an idea of just how brutal these drug cartels actually are? They are not playing games.

The horrific drug war raging on the U.S. border has created a huge demand for hitmen and acid baths. In January, authorities arrested Santiago Meza Lopez. Known as "the soupmaker", the 45 year old man has confessed that he made about 300 bodies disappear by dissolving them in acid baths.

So why is all of this violence happening?

Well, it is all for control over the sale of drugs to Americans.

The United States is the biggest market for drugs in the world, and there is a ton of money at stake.

The drug cartels will go to great lengths to get their goods into the United States. This point was illustrated recently when U.S. officials raided a southern California warehouse and discovered a lighted, ventilated passageway 4 feet high and 1,800 feet long crossing into Mexico. The tunnel was approximately six football fields in length. During that operation, authorities seized about 25 tons of marijuana.

But this tunnel is nothing new. The truth is that approximately 75 tunnels along the border with Mexico have been discovered by authorities in the last four years alone.

Unfortunately, most Mexicans don't even need a tunnel. Security on the U.S. border with Mexico is a complete and total joke, and illegal aliens come over almost at will.

According to some estimates, there are as many as 30 million illegal aliens in the United States today. Nobody has any idea how many of them are gang members or are working directly for the drug cartels.

But one thing is for certain - the gang problem in the United States is rapidly getting worse. Once young illegal aliens arrive in our cities, they quickly find that their employment options are extremely limited. Large numbers of them end up getting sucked into Spanish-speaking gangs.

U.S. authorities say that there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the United States. According to federal statistics, these 1 million gang members are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.

Not all of this gang violence is caused by illegal aliens, but a growing percentage of it is. Spanish-speaking gangs are rapidly becoming the dominant gangs in cities all over the United States.

But it is not just gang violence that is the problem. The reality is that the Mexican drug cartels are now openly conducting organized military operations inside the United States. Federal border officials say that Mexican drug cartels have not only set up shop on U.S. soil, but they are actually maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona.

From those "forward bases", the armed drug cartel scouts monitor every move that U.S. border agents make. In fact, it has been reported that drivers regularly bring these drug cartel scouts food, water, batteries for their radios and everything else that they need to stay in the wilderness for long periods of time.

Yes, this is really happening.

In fact, there is one stretch of Arizona that the U.S. federal government has conceded control of to the drug cartels. It is a drug smuggling corridor that extends from the Mexican border all the way up to Phoenix, Arizona.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu made national headlines when he told the media what is really going on down there. The following are just a few quotes from what Babeu told the press....

-"Drug cartels control this area."

-"Local law enforcement cannot handle and stop this on our own."

-"We are outgunned, we are outmanned and we don't have the resources here locally for us to fight this."

The video news report posted below features Babeu and discusses how the U.S. government has actually made some parts of Arizona off limits to U.S. citizens because of the threat of violence from Mexican drug smugglers....

Yes, things have really gotten that bizarre. One border agent who wished to remain anonymous told Fox News the following earlier this year....

"To say that this area is out of control is an understatement."

A different federal agent put it this way in an email to Fox News....

"Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers."

Things have gotten very, very serious along the border and both the Bush and the Obama administrations have refused to do anything to fix the problem. Today, Arizona police are being openly told that if they try to interfere with all of this drug traffic they will be "taken out" by drug cartel snipers.

Is that how we want our police officers to live?

This is a national disgrace.

The U.S. federal government refuses to secure our border, and drug violence is spilling over onto our soil and into our cities.

For over 50 years, the U.S. military has completely and totally secured the border between South Korea and North Korea. We have spent millions upon millions of dollars to do this and during that time there has not been a single unauthorized entry into South Korea across that border.

But the U.S. government says that it cannot secure our border with Mexico. In fact, there are many in the Obama administration that believe that it would be "a violation of human rights" to put up a fence or to implement extra security on the border.

Meanwhile, drug traffic and drug violence continues to come across the border into the United States. Already, many U.S. border towns are turning into nightmares. It would be very difficult to understate the threat that we are facing.

So what do you think about the Mexican drug war and the crisis on the border? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion....

China (Circa 2030 A.D.)


A not so unrealistic look into the future:

The reality is, if China were to pull the trigger and stop buying U.S. debt, everything we have come to know - our way of life - would be over.

TEOTWAWKI - The End of the World As We Know It


Friday, 5 November 2010

Video: Military build-ups around the world – USA Leading us In To World War 3


Over the last decade, Washington has doubled its military budget, fuelling massive military build-ups around the world, from the emerging powers in the South China Seas to the multi-billion-dollar arms deals in the Middle East, begging the question where and when this vicious cycle of rising military expenditures will end. Empire asks: what justifies this global military addiction, or, has the world been duped by the multi-national, military industrial complex?

Indonesian warns volcano 'could erupt for months'


Indonesia warned Tuesday its most active volcano could continue erupting for months as 50,000 remained in temporary shelters and airlines cancelled flights over the disaster-hit nation. Searing grey fumes shot high into the sky and rolled down the slopes of the 2,914-metre (9616-foot) Mount Merapi six times after dawn, spreading fear and panic as the government issued an alert telling airlines...

Be Prepared to Be Without The System - Make It A Policy


Neil Strauss, author of the book Emergency, joins Simon Black of Sovereign Man to discuss the many aspects of preparedness - why we should prepare, how to build preparedness skills, and a three part plan for getting ready.

Everything we’re doing or talking about, to some degree, is what the government tells you. You should be prepared to go from seven to thirty days without services or help from the outside world. That’s something that every American is expected to do.

If disaster strikes and you call 911 and they’ll tell you this - you can call 911 all you want - no one’s coming, because they’ve got bigger problems than one person’s individual emergency. Basically this part of the system is be prepared to be without the system…It isn’t some extreme philosophy, but policy.

Strauss touches on something we’ve talked about before, and most recently when we pointed out that the US government is prepping for wide-scale disasters and is regionalizing supplies. The US taxpayer spends billions of dollars each year to fund organizations like FEMA, which are tasked with responding to national disasters and emergencies. One of the key missions of the FEMA web site is to provide information and resources so that each individual can prepare themselves and their family if the worst happens, because according to FEMA itself, they will be overwhelmed during an emergency and most likely unable to respond. So storing food, water and tools capable of sustaining you for a month is not extreme philosophy, it’s just good policy.

I think you need three plans.

If the shit hits the fan, and I’m here in Los Angeles where the shit can hit the fan…You’re first plan is to shelter in place - enough of what you need to stay in your own place for a minimum 30 days. You know, which is just your food, your water, battery powered radio, if you’ve a HAM radio that’s even better and all those things you need to shelter in place.

The second thing is an exit plan…in other words, if something happens on a local level is there a safe place you can go to where you can survive. Is there a rally point for family members, is there a way for family members to communicate with each other, do you all know where you’re going, do you have what you need where you’re going, is it going to be a secure place, a place with access to food, access to water, a place with a lake or something where you can fish or get water or what have you? And do you have a way to get there?

My third case, and this to me is the best case scenario and something that I really don’t talk about but I will with your audience because you guys know about this. The third thing is, in the best case scenario, when the shit hits the fan, you’re not going to be at home. You’re not going to be in a place when the shit is hitting because we’re generally people who are aware, who are watching the news looking for the signs that these things could happen.

To me the best option is to have another life in another country where I can just step into. Have a bank account in another currency. Have a place to live where you have citizenship. Step out of this world and into that world.

Depending on your financial and personal circumstances, you may be able to implement all three steps from Strauss’ plan. For most, the third option is difficult because of the costs involved, especially if you have a family that would require living accommodations and paperwork for multiple people.

At a minimum, each American should implement a 30-day survival plan. Once that has been completed, and you feel comfortable about being able to shelter in place for 30 days completely off the grid, began exploring your exit plan, or bug out options. If you have family or close friends in the country, are they like minded and will they let you store supplies on their property and let you stay with them for an extended period of time if a wide scale disaster occurs? If not, perhaps you can look into purchasing a parcel of land with access to water and food sources (fish, small game, large game, good soil, etc.). For those on a budget, you may not even need a house on the land initially, and in a worst case you and your family can hunker down in the country with tents and camping gear (depending on what region of the country you are in) - it’s probably better than staying in the city if the SHTF. Whatever the case may be, explore your options and do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Now is the Time to Redouble Your Family’s Preparedness Efforts


This article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition.

When will we wake up to the reality that we are standing at the cusp for very hard times? According to polls, the main concern among voters in this week’s elections was where our government and economy are headed. Will things take a turn for the better now that the republicans are in the majority? In this author’s humble opinion, it does not matter in the least who is in office or which party is in the majority. We are still headed for an economic derailment of epic proportions. And voting the republicans back into the majority will not put the breaks on what is to come. These economic problems have been a growing cancer for decades, we just chose to turn a blind eye, and as a result, the condition has grown terminal. There is nothing that can stop the inevitable. James Rawles has a similar viewpoint.

On his widely popular Survivor Blog, he adds that, “ I recommend that you get practical and redouble your family preparedness efforts. We are heading into some very hard times, with plenty of drama. The US Dollar is doomed. There is now virtually nothing that anyone can do to stop it. So get busy: Get out of Dollars, and into tangibles, pronto!

Our terminally ill economy is just another symptom of the much larger problem that looms in the distance. We have all heard whispers of a global food crisis. In fact, in the past 3 months food prices such as wheat, sugar, and coffee have all increased exponentially due to failed crop seasons and the monetary stimulus being pumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve. These symptoms that have reared their ugly heads are the beginning of the end - the end of the carefree American existence and the birth (and reality) of harder times. When America falls, so will other countries.

The Pipe Dream

We were all fed a crock of bull. We were told that we deserve a much grander way of life. We all felt the high from the pipe dream they sold us, and we loved it. We were so fixated on this grandiose way of life that we were oblivious to the vulnerability of this nation. We were duped into believing these erroneous ideas and at the same time it was going on we became complacent, and content. But at the same time we were feeling the high, the drug dealers stole our way of life right out from under us.

Now that our complacent drug of choice has worn off, many have woken up. And that euphoric feeling of complacency has now been replaced with anger. Anger is a good motivating emotion and causes people to act. And action is what this nation needs so badly. Perhaps the anger should also be at ourselves for believing such deceitful tales. There is also anger at the lack of concern we seem to be getting from the government. The government seems to be more concerned with keeping up social graces than to admit to the noticeable struggles American families have to make ends meet. My question to Washington is simply: If struggling American households have to cut back on extraneous expenses to make their budget work, why doesn’t the government do the same? They have some of the best economists and accountants in the world, and they can’t control their spending? Seriously!

The Hard Times Are Upon Us - Are You Ready?

Most American households are feeling the effects of the Great Recession… ahem Depression. A large percentage of households are already living below poverty line, and more are to follow. Those that have prepared realized early on that they could survive more abundantly by mimicking our ancestors way of life. They have done the research and seen the logic in living away from cities, planting and raising their food, buying in bulk and storing food for later uses. They have also learned ways to simplify their lives and their finances, and learned essential skills. Those that were prudent will have a better chance at surviving an economic crisis, but the majority of Americans are still oblivious, and will struggle as a result.

It is never too late to begin preparing for unsettling times. Disasters happen every day, to everyday people. While the dollar still has value, begin purchasing needed supplies to live off of. Here are some additional points to preparing for harder times:

  • Start depending on yourself. It is your responsibility to care for yourself and your family - NOT the government’s. Becoming self reliant will help put you back on the road to freedom. Moreover, you will acquire knowledge from learning skills necessary for surviving the coming hard times. After all, knowledge is power.
  • When you begin your journey towards self reliance, you will see how important it is to maintain the very basics of survival. These are water, food, shelter and fire. When these basic needs are not met, a person becomes solely driven to find those needs, through what ever means necessary. Having preparedness supplies on hand in the event of a sudden disaster occurring will help your family meet those basic needs in order to concentrate on other matters.
  • Start preparing now. Today is the day to start investing in your family’s future. Investing in hard assets such as sugar, flour, silver will sustain a family in times when they may need it the most. Start researching to understand the basic premise of preparing for disasters. (To read a beginner’s guide to prepping. click here and here).
  • Understand that desperation has no bounds. Depending on the magnitude of the disaster, dangers will be present, and there may come a time when you will need to protect your family, your home and your supplies. Some people feel that if their needs are not met, they have a right to do whatever is necessary, even if it morally and ethically wrong, to get what they want. That is their right as a human. However, they must also understand that the person they are about to steal from will do whatever it takes to protect what they have. Because, after all, if you can’t protect it, you don’t own it. Therefore, not letting a lot of people know you have emergency supplies is a good rule to follow. Additionally, having good security layers applied inside and outside of the home will help prevent such crimes from occurring.

In summation, the world is not going to end - literally. However, the world as we know it is changing drastically. And despite many Americans’ hopes, there is no “magic button” that can fix this mess, or for that matter, a group of newly elected officials. The only way to get out of this is to brace yourself for some very uncomfortable years by preparing for them. These changes will make the American dream harder to come by and alter our way of life. The faster we adapt to these changes the better off we will be. Despite the negative, and sometimes paranoid stigma given to preppers, these individuals saw the need to prepare for a day when they may be without. That day is fast approaching. Will you be ready?

This article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Patrick Geryl’s New Significant Solar Flare Prediction


Merely days after the previous significant solar flares took shape, coinciding with Patrick Geryl’s earlier calculation, Geryl’s team now has announced that the next calculated massive solar prominences will take place in January 2011. More precisely, and based on January 18 or 23, 2011. See the video below in this post!

The good news is that we have at least one person on earth who starts to get grips on the solar cycles and the sunspot theory. The bad news is that he seems to be right. This is bad because of the calculations and predictions regarding December 21, 2012 get even more credibility.

We do not have to rely on sources such as NASA as they have now deliberately kept us in the dark…question is WHY?!

Watch this new video now which is hot from production roles:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Solar Flares Confirmed as Predicted…NASA to Cover Up…Again


Solar flare as calculated

October 28, 2010: time to assess the situation on the predicted/calculated next solar flare (see our earlier posting about this topic). On August 1st, 2010, significant solar flares occurred which generated space weather conditions impacting the Earth. It was Patrick Geryl who had calculated these events, yet he had calculated the date to be July 31st instead. Based on his theory of the Sunspots, he says to be close enough to be able to approximate the cycle. Today, new and rather interesting information is slowly becoming available which shows that there was yet again a significant event of solar flares reported by And as was with some of the previous ‘delicate’ moments, NASA failed to report on Monday, October 25th. I am not the only one who has noticed this; read this post for further information.

As per Patrick Geryl, in his calculation of the sunspot theory, a solar cycle for generating significant solar flares lasts between 81 and 88 days (due to interpretation of some remaining variables). Close enough as he also found in literature from the Maya, that it would be 87.45 days. This is how Patrick had calculated the next solar ejections to be on October 27, 2010 at 10pm UTC. No report exists that at that exact moment new ’significant’ solar flares took place. HOWEVER…on October 28th, at 00:51 UTC, less than 3 hours after the calculated time, this significant explosion caused a significant solar flare (source:

Solar Flare on October 28, 2010

Solar Flare on October 28, 2010

This is what was released by NASA. However, we also know that on the 24th, an steady increase of solar activity took place, of which now data is not available by NASA and the SOHO telescopes are ‘missing data‘ for the whole day of October 25th, right when the solar activity was gaining strength. Bizarre, especially since this isn’t the first time that NASA fails to report as they do on each other day. Because this has happened several times in the past, one must at least think this is weird if not suspicious.

Go to yourself to read more details. See the interactive solar flares here.

Another remarkable report came to us through YouTube by a guy called Joe who is closely monitoring these events. Watch this short video from this week here:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Another interesting element to point out is that in Patrick Geryl’s book, The World Cataclysm in 2012, where he had predicted these solar cycles long time ago, he expected that the next solar flare after the one on August 1st, 2010, would be of approximately 50% strength compared to that one. Seems he was also right about that.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The heart of EU and NATO to break into two


Vatic Note: Not sure this breaks my heart, since Belgium, one of my ancestral countries, is the seat of NATO and the EU which makes them a serious part of the NWO. Remember, Netherlands is right next door as is Denmark and all three, Belgium, Denmark, and Netherlands have royalty still in place as well as the Bildebergs right next door in Netherlands.
As is usually the case with serious world level conspiracies, the parties and uneasy coalitions begin to have problems between themselves, or internally which then can undermine their entire agenda. Wish we have the werewithall to greatly affect that even more, but alas, this class warfare they are conducting against us is truly in the hands of a greater power. We simply must do all we can to thwart and disturb those plans at any cost. Do you find it coincidental that Obama is having similar problems, only politically, at the same time as this is happening? Could be nothing, but time as usual will tell.
I believe its time for us to set up a separate category in the series section on "Leading to WW III" because we are seeing more and more of the INTERNATIONALIST ELITES movements toward the alignments they are going to want us to buy into.
The heart of EU and NATO to break into two
by admin, Pravda. ru, 18.10.2010, Provided by Sgt Lee, Ghost Troopers

The political situation in Belgium is close to critical. On October 17 it became known that the largest party of the French-speaking part of the country, the Socialist Party, has refused to come into coalition with nationalists from the New Flemish Alliance which won the election in Flanders. Belgium, the current chairing state of the European Union, has been living without the government since June, and it seems that there is no end to the political crisis.
The relations between the two peoples of the country - the French-speaking Walloons and the Flemish (kindred to the Dutch) - have never been peaceful. The ties between the two parts of the nation have aggravated considerably during the recent years, which raised the subject of the separation of Belgium. One of Belgium's French-speaking channels broadcast a report at the end of 2006 claiming that Flanders had supposedly declared independence. Nearly 89 percent of TV viewers believed the prank report.
In 2007, there was nothing to laugh about. Christian Democrats with sitting acting prime minister of Belgium Ives Leterme won the elections in Flanders. The politician did not support the separation of the country, but said that the Flemish and the Walloons had only three things in common: the king, beer and football. The main objective of his program was to win additional powers for Flanders in the field of economy. It is worthy of note that separatists won up to one-third of all votes.
According to the Constitution of Belgium, the government of the country must consist of spokespeople for both Flemish and Walloon parties. The Walloons did not want to form a coalition with those who sought lesser powers for the center and more powers for separate regions. Unlike the Flemish, the Walloons always supported the maximum centralization of power in the country.
There was no way out of the crisis: the Walloons had to cooperate with moderate separatist Yves Leterme. The discrepancies between the ministers of the two communities would often lead to significant changes in the government. As a result, King Albert II set the date of the early election for the summer of 2010. The results of the vote proved to be horrendous from the point of view of preserving unity of the nation.
In Flanders, 45 percent of votes were won by the parties who openly support the separation of Belgium. The New Flemish Alliance chaired by notorious politician Bart de Wever won the elections.
The French-speaking politicians did not want to deal with Wever and nominated Elio de Rupo, the leader of Wallonia socialists, for the position of the prime minister. The trick did not work: the Flemish did not agree to deliver the authorities of the prime minister onto the Walloons. The King had to offer Wever to form the new cabinet of ministers, where he failed to succeed.
On October 4th, de Wever offered to keep nearly 50 percent of income tax (related to natural persons) in separate regions. The Walloons rejected the idea claiming that the regions must keep only 10 percent sending the rest to the center. If the new rules had been approved, Flanders, being a more prosperous constituent of Belgium, would have gained a considerable financial advantage of millions and million of euros over the Walloons.
The political crisis in the country is in full swing. Yves Leterme still serves as the prime minister, although he stepped down a long time ago already. Leterme, being virtually the head of the Belgian government, is in charge of the European Union. It is not ruled out that the country will soon have another parliamentary vote.
Flemish Christian Democrat Eric Van Rompuy said in the beginning of October: "Belgium is in a coma. The patient is clinically dead."
Sergey Fyodorov, a scientist with the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Pravda.Ru that the discrepancies between the Walloons and the Flemish parts of Belgium had gone too far.
"The relations between the Walloons and the Flemish have been intense during 180 years of Belgium's existence. Today, they have gone too far. It is too hard now to restrain the Flemish separatist sentiments. The Flemish accuse the poorer Walloons of stealing their income. It is a universal tradition for many peoples to blame others for their own trouble. The Flemish are not an exception at this point, although one has to acknowledge that the living standard in Wallonia is lower than that in Flanders.
"One should bear in mind the fact that the headquarters of the European Union and NATO are located in Belgium. Spokespeople for these two organizations, especially the EU, will do everything possible to find a solution that would be acceptable both for the Walloons and for the Flemish. The international role of Brussels is a positive factor for the two national categories - this is something that unites Belgium.
"It is not ruled out, though, that Wallonia and Flanders will become independent territories. Brussels will have to be divided in this case, but it will obviously not be the reason for another Berlin Wall to appear," the scientist said.
Vadim Trukhachev
Read the original in Russian

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Get Out of the Stock Market Now, the Rug is Being Pulled Out By Insiders


CNBC reports insider selling-to-buying ratio for top firms is a staggering

Eric Blair

If you’re a baby boomer who still believes in the stock market since the financial collapse of 2008, listen up. The floor of this Ponzi scheme is about to drop out, leaving you punching a clock for some time to come and holding an empty retirement bag for your effort.  The engineered crash is coming and the elite are jumping ship in droves — you should join them and get out ASAP.

Stock market insider selling has now reached record highs.  The trend has been increasing for the last several years, but now the ratios are getting beyond ridiculous.  Earlier this month, Zero Hedge reported that the insider selling-to-buying ratio is 2341 to 1.  Tyler Durden wrote:

After last week saw an insider selling to buying ratio of 1,411 to 1, this week the ratio has nearly doubled, hitting a ridiculous 2,341 to 1. And while Wall Street’s liars and CNBC’s clowns will have you throw all your money into “leading” techs like Oracle and Google, insiders in these names sold a combined $200 million in stock in the last week alone.

Today, CNBC reported that the insider selling activity at some of the largest traded companies is at an all-time high.  This can’t be a good sign of things to come.  The article points to the analysis of Alan Newman, a market strategist who tracks insider trading: “The overwhelming volume of sell transactions relative to buy transactions by company insiders over the last six months in key leading sectors of the market is the worst . . . ever.”  CNBC reported that industry leaders have a staggering 3177 to 1 insider sell-to-buy ratio:

The largest companies in three of the most important leading sectors of the market have seen their executives classified as insiders sell more than 120 million shares of stock over the last six months. Top executives at these very same companies bought just 38,000 shares over that same time period, making for an eye-popping sell to buy ratio of 3,177 to one.

The grand total for the three sectors are “as awful as we have ever seen since we began doing this exercise years ago,” said Newman, who was ahead on such trends as the dangers of high-frequency trading and ETFs before the ‘Flash Crash’. “Clearly, insiders are seeing great value only in cash. Their actions speak volumes for the veracity for the current rally.”

Also quoted in the CNBC piece was Simon Baker, CEO of Baker Asset Management, who said the insider data “is good reason for considerable caution once the price action fades,” and “insiders normally buy early and sell early too. Longer term — 12 months out — it is more of a red flag.”

It’s pretty difficult to excuse these levels of insider looting, but the experts are doing their best to claim that these poor executives (the titans of their industries) must take profits from stock sales because their salaries and bonuses have been cut.  Who do they think they are kidding?  Wall Street is still paying record salaries and bonuses, reportedly worth $144 billion (about a $1000 for every working American).  There also has been very little news of other industry executives taking pay cuts, as American companies are holding record levels of cash to the tune of over a trillion dollars.  In fact, the flush-with-cash CEOs continue to blame the consumer class for joblessness.

Despite the mass exodus of executives from their own company’s stock, the S&P continues to remain somewhat stable since gaining 16% from July lows.  Well, those gains seem somewhat pathetic since the value of the dollar — measured against the human inflation indexes such as food and oil — has plummeted.  Major food commodities are up over 50%$100/bbl mark very shortly.

since their July lows, while oil prices have climbed $10 to over $81/bbl, or around 14% for the same time period, with predictions to break the

Barely covering the cost of real inflationary measures is hardly success, especially with the current risks involved with being in the stock market.  These risks have only increased since the 2008 financial collapse that eventually caused the stock market to bottom out the mid-6000 range.  The market has been propped up with TARP funds and driven by scandalous front-running by Goldman Sachs and other large firms leading to 70% of stock purchases to be held for an average of 11 seconds. Consequently, these robo-trading programs have also been blamed for the freak “Flash Crash” in May where the stock market plummeted over 900 points in just minutes.
The charade is almost up, as the bad-but-getting-even-worse main street economy is not remotely factored in to Wall Street’s casino calculations.  Truth is, most states are approaching bankruptcy, unemployment continues to worsen, and yet another major scandal is playing out with Fraudclosure Gate. Newman, the insider trading expert, says, “At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we expect a significant correction.”
Unless you are an ultra-sophisticated trader with access to front-running software, it is time to follow these insiders out of the stock market and into real assets.  As the Fed announces plans for QE2, which the stock market actually views as a good thing, the elite seem to be flocking to precious metals, commodities, and large agricultural land purchases on the expectation of an even weaker dollar.  This appears to make gold, food, and oil pretty safe bets for the average bloke.

Astronauts: Asteroid threat calls for teamwork


November 01, 2010

Countries around the world must team up to help prevent an asteroid, or giant speeding rock, from slamming into Earth, scientists and former astronauts said Friday.

NASA has tracked nearly 7,000 near-Earth objects that are bigger than several feet across. Of those, 1,157 are considered "potentially hazardous asteroids."

"We can't escape the conclusion that one could happen tomorrow," former NASA astronaut Thomas D. Jones said of a possible asteroid strike. "If it happens in the wrong place, it can be deadly. But we now have the technology to prevent them from happening."

To the experts, risky asteroids are those that come within 4.6 million miles of Earth's orbit. NASA says that currently none of these is near enough or big enough for public concern. [ MYWAY NEWS ]

Jones spoke at the European Space Agency's operational center in Darmstadt, Germany, where former NASA astronauts and scientists from space agencies across the globe pushed for international space agencies to band together to address the issue from within the U.N.

Jones and his colleagues proposed that a group involving the world's space agencies be established to pool resources to prevent such an asteroid's impact and to better inform the public of the possible threat.

Russell Schweickart, a former Apollo 9 astronaut, compared the asteroid threat to that of space debris hitting the International Space Station, which he said is "small enough that we can move it out of the way."

The technology exists that would effectively allow scientists to send a craft into space to rear-end an asteroid, and slightly change its velocity.

"We can't move the Earth, (so) we have to go up and change the orbit of the asteroid," Schweickart said. "It's the same problem, all relative motion, but it's a massive undertaking."

So far, NASA is the only space agency that spends any substantial funds on asteroid research, $4 million a year, but follow-up research also is conducted by other space agencies. Any attempt to intercept an asteroid would require the approval of many nations.

"It threatens all parts of the planet, so the solution involves crossing international borders," Jones said.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Build Yourself an Ark


Build Yourself an Ark

Build yourself an Ark

Eight 45-minute talks by an Irish Priest. Deep understanding of the New World Order conspiracy.
Talk 1
Talk 2
Talk 3
Talk 4
Talk 5
Talk 6
Talk 7
Talk 8

Gerald Celente : Campaign 2010 Just Another Reality Show


By Gerald Celente
KINGSTON, NY, 29 October 2010 - According to Democrats, a substantial Republican/Tea Party victory in the midterm elections will result in brutal spending cuts and the slashing of entitlement programs. They foresee a nation that has been gradually moving toward recovery grinding to a grid-locked halt. Only with the Democrats retaining power, they say, will there be any "Hope" for "Change-We-Can-Believe-In."
According to Republicans and the Tea Party, as a result of Democratic policies, America is already in an economic death-spiral that only they can reverse by restoring sound conservative economic principles.
According to the media, hyperventilating politicians and the entire world of pontificating punditry, the results of Campaign 2010 will have "historic" and immediate consequences ­ no less than the future of the United States of America is at stake.
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Preparing for a Mumbai-style Active Shooter


Kevin Hayden,

Over the last few weeks, the mainstream media has capitalized on recent intelligence reports warning of a “Mumbai-style attack” in Europe.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the details of the Mumbai incident, several gunmen took over seemingly-random buildings, such as a large hotel, cafes, a movie theater and a children’s hospital.  Over the course of 3 days, they were able to kill 173 people, injure another 308 civilians and fend off police approaches with grenades and overwhelming firepower.  After the attacks had finally been stopped, investigators learned that many of the gunmen had been injecting themselves with cocaine and steroids to remain alert and awake, some staying up for over 50 hours at a time.

Imagine a Columbine school event but with trained gunmen in a dense commerce area such as a mall, downtown business district or even a university.  It could easily happen here in America.

Now, on the other hand, there is a very distinct possibility that the media frenzy of these supposed “Mumbai-style attacks” could simply be disinformation to maintain government control and fear of terrorism, especially in Europe where riots and protests are being held against government austerity measures, cutbacks and pension problems.  Either way, this type of event could be perpetrated by high schoolers, a lone-wolf gunman or any other number of people who have reached their breaking point.  A variety of reasons could be listed: anger at the government, actual terrorism, teenage anger, religious fervor, PTSD, paranoia, environmentalists or a host of other issues.  My point is not to promote fear, but vigilance and situational awareness.  This can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Ever since the infamous Columbine school shooting in Colorado, law enforcement has been altering their training and approaches to active shooters.  They are starting to come full-circle, if you will, utilizing the first patrolman on the scene or two-man teams to immediately enter the building and begin hunting for the active shooter and allowing follow-up officers to tend to fallen victims.

Many businesses and organizations are starting to recognize the very real threat of an active shooter and have taken measures to counter an event.  The recent active shooter incident at the Discovery Channel headquarters is a prime example of a coordinated, planned business response to active shooters.  Had they not had a plan in place and employees trained in how to react, many more lives could have easily been lost.

Long ago, police officers would arrive to the scene of a bank robbery in progress and several beat cops would rush the doors and take the gunman down.  Over the years, SWAT teams became popular and responding officers lost their edge and were trained to simply wait for the SWAT team to arrive and handle dangerous situations.  While this turned out as an advantage in most situations, officers were no longer trained in how to handle these events by themselves or with other patrol officers.  A dumbing-down effect, if you will.

Columbine and many other school shootings stand as a perfect example of this “inaction” and time delay.  The initial responding officer exchanged gun shots with one of the shooters, but then retreated to his patrol car to wait for backup.  Additional responding officers surrounded the school and began detaining students who were able to exit while the shooters remained inside, detonating explosives, setting fires and injuring or killing another 20 to 25 students while the police continued to amass outside and wait for the SWAT teams.

Inaction led to unneccesary death and injury.  Learning from mistakes is the best way to avoid them in the future and inaction – or a failure to act immediately – is one of the biggest lessons to remember when involved in an active shooter situation, such as Columbine, Virginia Tech or in Mumbai.

Immediate action – no matter what it is – will greatly enhance your chance of survival.

In November of 2008, when the Mumbai Attacks occurred, it was just another average day.  People were commuting to work, concierge clerks were picking up luggage and coffee was being served at cafes.  And then a mere group of ten individuals began to wreak havoc.

Armed with grenades and AK-47s, these men were able to kill and wound hundreds, paralyze the city and region, tie up all of the law enforcement and first responders and continue to do so for days.

Imagine waking up next Tuesday and turning on the news, only to find out that groups of five-man teams were wreaking havoc in multiple cities across the country.  It would paralyze America and aid in the ever-aggressive, ironfist security policies promoted by the Department of Homeland Security and the White House.  It would quickly turn into the classical situation of trading liberties for security.  How many Americans would allow another Patriot Act to pass?  How many Americans would be okay with AK-47s and other rifles being banned due to an event of this magnitude?

Whether the intelligence community has been playing up the European Mumbai-styled attacks due to credible information or they are trying to promote fear and maintain their control over a rioting, failing European nation is a moot point.  We all need to be aware and be prepared.  I said several years ago and many times on that a Mumbai-style attack would most likely be the next “terrorist event” on American soil.  It requires very little planning, training and money and would create instant fear.

Only time will tell.

Here are some basic steps you can take to aide in everyday safety:

  • Remain aware of your surroundings, especially in parking lots or dark areas.
  • Learn to use a firearm or obtain your concealed carry license.
  • Carry a bag of preparedness items in your vehicle, such as a flashlight, extra food & water, extra ammunition, etc.
  • Always lock your doors and windows; don’t invite thieves of opportunity to make you a victim.
  • When faced with danger, take immediate action.  Period.
  • Whether you run away, fight, lock a door, return fire or drive off in your vehicle, take action!

Many businesses and organizations are starting to recognize the very real threat of an active shooter and have taken measures to counter an event.  The recent active shooter incident at the Discovery Channel headquarters is a prime example of a coordinated, planned business response to active shooters.  Had they not had a plan in place and employees trained in how to react, many more lives could have easily been lost.